Introduction to the culture of peace

Introduction to the culture of peace

Learning goals:

With this material you will be provided a context on why the world’s situation makes it so necessary to act for peace. You will also clarify the concepts of peace, conflict and violence and reflect on how they influence you.

Finally, you will learn possible lines of work in favor of peace, which you will study in depth later on.

With the collaboration of:


  • Get to know the concepts of peace, violence and conflict.
  • Think about your own types of violence.


  • Recognize your own peace abilities.
  • Identify the peace abilities around you.


  • Be motivated to collaborate in peace initiatives all over (macrosocial).
  • Commit to undertake peace actions in your immediate surroundings (microsocial).

Culture of Peace: What are we talking about?

The world’s security has deteriorated strongly in the last decade. The number of armed conflicts has remained over 30, and their intensity has increased. The current military spending is the highest in history: in 2018 it reached the amount of 1,822 billion dollars and it grew for the third consecutive year, also in Spain.