Peace strategies in Catalonia

Estratègies de pau a Catalunya

Learning goals

Can we say that there is peace in Catalonia? If we understand peace as an always perfectible horizon, what would be the main challenges in order to have a more pacific situation in Catalonia? This material aims to reflect on what these main challenges for peace are in today’s Catalonia, clarify some related concepts, and provide peace strategies that we as citizens can undertake.

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  • Understand some of the similarities and differences between conflict and polarization.
  • CLearn the implications of dialogue.


  • Opt for critical thinking and controversy.
  • Listen to the Other.


  • Take measures to mitigate one’s own biases in a dialogue.
  • Empathize with the Other.
  • Know how to define one’s own limits of nonviolence, and argue what actions one considers to be violent or nonviolent.

Peace Strategies in Catalonia: What are we talking about?

What are the present priorities for peace work in Catalonia? The Catalan independence movement, the rise of the Spanish right wing, political fragmentation, the increasing success of the feminist movement, and xenophobic speeches, among other factors, raise the challenge of social polarization and living together. Besides, the proliferation of false rumors and fake news, which promote hate speech, forces us to develop a critical discourse, dare to counter those arguments, and be bold to deal with controversial topics.