The role of the youth for peace

Joves i Pau

Learning goals

What does being young involve when in front of violence and peace? In this module we will understand the types of violence that young people suffer and why it makes sense that they become promoters of a less violent and more pacific world. The role of the youth for peace can be boundless, but in this unit we will focus on some specific issues: those that particularly affect young people.

With the collaboration of:


  • Learn basic data about the magnitude of violence upon children and youth.
  • Get to know the UN Security Council 2250 Resolution on Youth, Peace and Security, among other instruments.


  • Recognize the specificities of violence on and for the youth.
  • Learn how to argue about the role of young people in violence and peace, without mythifying it.


  • Gain motivation to collaborate with peace initiatives promoted by youth or addressed to young people.
  • Agree to act for eradicating violence against young people.

The role of the youth for peace: What are we talking about?

Youth violence is often used to refer to the violence perpetrated by young people. But we seldom hear about violence against youth: children and young people also suffer specific types of violence which other age groups do not receive. In relatively pacific contexts, young people are subjected to experiences with different degrees of violence, like domestic violence and sexual abuse They also suffer the militarization of discourses, are excluded from the right to participate in voting, they are scarcely consulted in decision-making processes, etc.