The Entre[terres] guide is now available in English!

Onades al mar

We have translated the Entre[terres] guide into English to bring it closer to more people interested in working on Mediterranean migration

The English translation of the Entre[terres] guide was born to bring it closer to a wider range of people who might be interested in migrations to the Mediterranean. In addition, from now on, you can also consult the Entre[terres] website in English and download the guides in PDF format.

About Entre[terres]

Entre[terres] is an educational guide on migrations to the Mediterranean. The purpose of this material is to provide educational institutions, schools, and institutes to address the subject of refugees with young people and children, from a perspective of peacebuilding and social transformation. The name of the resource is intended to rescue the etymological meaning of the mediterranean word (mediterraneans) and a view of the old Mare Nostrum as an exchange, communication, and meeting space.

It is a work worked together between Stop Maremortum, the International Civil Service, the local group of Entre[terres] from SCI, and the Eduxarxa cooperative with the support of Minyons Escoltes i Guies de Catalunya, the Barcelona Youth Council, and the National Youth Council of Catalonia.

Guide contents

In total there are five educational guides, each related to migration-related topics in the Mediterranean

  • Mare Mortum: To analyze the migration situation in the Mediterranean.
  • Human rights: To understand that mobility is a right and to observe the human rights violations of migration policies and international (dis)protection.
  • Racism: To think about institutional and daily racism and how it affects migrant people.
  • Gender and LGBTQI+: To reflect on migration beyond economic reasons and war conflicts.
  • Social change: To understand the relational dynamics between the global North and the global South countries and to understand them as directly involved and causing of migration. Reflection on individual responsibilities and rethink collective actions.

Each dossier offers a brief theoretical introduction to the subject and three educational proposals aimed at children and young people of different age bands. In total, the resource contains 15 activity proposals.

Consult the guides in English and Catalan.