Online study camp: “Lead the scene and keep it green!”

Online study camp: “Lead the scene and keep it green!”

Apply for this online international study camp about sustainability and conscious consumption that will take place the 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd of April. It’s organized by SCI Catalunya and you can sign in until the 10th of April!

“Lead the scene and keep it green! – Think responsible, act sustainable”

Schedule: Thursday 15th, Friday 16th, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of April 2021 from 3 pm to 5 pm CET.

Description: Promoting global justice, equality and peace within the oppressed groups of the society and mutual understanding is one of the main focuses of SCI Catalunya. The aim of this online camp is to create a space where we can become more aware of the importance and impact of sustainability in our lives. Throughout the sessions we will be discussing different aspects of our daily lives and how we have the choice to make a positive impact and be more environmentally friendly in regards to food, fashion, cosmetics and more. We will dive deeper into responsible and conscious ways of consumption, both at an individual and collective level while creating the frame for discussions and future change!

Type of Work: We would like to work 2 days per week (Thursday and Friday), starting at 15:00 CET with a video call to start the day together with some online dynamics. In total, the online camp will take no more than 2 hours per day, 2 days per week during 2 weeks. We plan it as an interactive online study camp about sustainability. The participants might be asked to do different tasks in their household and/or outside which will consist in implementing the knowledge obtained from the sessions, exercises and debates.

Study Theme: This online camp will help you get more into the topics of sustainability, environmental justice, fast and slow fashion, cosmetics, impact on local communities and sustainable living options. The camp will be organized through non-formal education activities such as activism, short videos, group discussions and creative workshops.

Accommodation: Our own comfy homes, rooms, chairs, beds.

Requirements: A device with a good internet connection, a quiet environment as well as interest and passion towards the subject and mutual respect towards the participants, open-mindedness and respect. Previous experience on the topic is always a big plus when it comes to sharing information from different countries. However, people with basic knowledge are welcome too! Nevertheless, it is essential to bring a smile, to be energetic, positive and eager for more in the interactive sessions!

If you’re interested, fill this form with all your information until the 10th of April. If you need more information, you can write us to