Participate in the II Youth Act! International Forum

Fòrum Internacional Youth Act

The second edition of the Youth Act! International Forum will take place in Barcelona from the 13th to 17th of June 2022 and will bring together young people from all over the Mediterranean to weave common resistance strategies. Get involved!

Youth Act! is a wide project led by SCI Catalonia and CJB that started in 2021 with the aim of fostering debates, discussions and action(s) among young people throughout the world. We see ‘Youth Act!’ as a big umbrella under which we organize different kinds of activities, both local and international, in order to promote youth active participation and organization in different fronts or fields. By doing so, we aim to contribute to global struggles by reinforcing and connecting the role and actions led by young activists in different places around the world.

II Youth Act! International Forum: ‘Mediterranean youth building up common strategies’
This International Forum will consist of a week of intense work in which around 20 activists from different mediterranean countries and 20 more local activists will participate in a program of activities that includes trainings, facilitated strategy sessions, visits to local organizations, participation in public acts and leisure activities, among others. For more specific details, see our provisional program in the CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS.

This forum is thought as an opportunity in which activists from different territories of the mediterranean region, committed to different struggles related to global justice, will have the chance to connect with each other, exchange experiences, work and share good practices, and discuss and build up shared strategies to foster social transformation from a youth mediterranean perspective. All sessions will be facilitated by experts in different fields and from several organizations, both with local and international scope.

Objectives of this Forum:

  • Connect activists and organizations of different countries in the Mediterranean area.
  • Get to know and be updated about the fight for social justice in the region
  • Work on how to create, develop and apply common/shared tools and strategies
  • Make visible the goals, the challenges and the threats that face young activist for human rights in the region
  • Design and launch common communication campaigns to raise awareness

Profile of the participants
Anyone who is interested in global justice and/or involved in social movements like feminisms, climate justice, human rights for migrants and refugees, people’s rights, social justice, etc., is welcomed. We specially value -and will give priority to- participants that are already actively involved in organizations or social movements in their local territories. This is because we hope/expect that the work done in the forum will be useful and have continuity through their future work in their respective territories. SCI youth activists of other branches (especially related to struggles like Feminisms, Climate Justice and MIDI) are encouraged to participate.

How to apply?
You have to fill the following form and introduce yourselves to start the selection process as soon as possible. The sooner you contact the more chances you will have to have one of the 20 available positions.

If you have any question or doubt you can READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS or contact (Max) or (Jordi).