Check out the Youth Act Peace Capsules!

Check out the Youth Act Peace Capsules!

This June, the II edition of the International Forum Youth Act!, focused on peace and young people, was held in Barcelona. What do activists think about peace? Check out the capsule videos!

The II International Forum Youth Act! took place in Barcelona from June 13 to 17 and brought together more than 40 local and international activists. It was a week of intense work, of debates, trainings and public events where activists from all over the Mediterranean and local areas shared concerns and drew up joint strategies, as well as 16 demands related to anti-racism, climate justice and feminisms. In addition, they reflected on peace and we collected it in these capsules:

Do you consider yourself a peace activist?

Activists from Youth Act! Abeer Bshtawi, from Palestine, and Salma Laukili Zakour, catalanoamazigh, explain their point of view: “Everyone is a peace activist because peace is something we do everyday”.

Do you think peace is an old-fashioned concept?

As part of the Youth Act!, Raya Shamali, a Palestinian activist, and Pol de la Torre, a Catalan activist, respond: “Have we achieved peace? We all agree: no”; “For something to become fashionable, it must first be fashionable”.

How is peace built?

Youth Act! activists Athar Shtiwe and Teslem Sidihamudi tell us how they see it: “We should strive to change the Eurocentric narrative and teach our realities”.