Participate in the Peaceweek about migration and climate

Participate in the Peaceweek about migration and climate

We are looking for participants for the Peaceweek ‘Linking migrations with climate emergency’, which will take place in Barcelona from the 13th to the 20th of March!

Training course for meeting and exchange between youth from the Mediterranean area around the current situation of climate emergency and the relation – origin, consequences – with the economic, gender-related and geographical inequalities, which violate human rights in the context of migrations, displacements and asylum caused by climate phenomena.

The aim is to create a space for youth from different countries to tackle the global issue of climate emergency and the impact it has in different territories, especially putting the focus on human rights violations caused on countries and communities from the Global South.


  • Get to know each other’s experiences around the topic.
  • Learn about structural causes and impacts of the current economic global model: extractivism, environment destruction, hate speech and authoritarian policies responsible for
    people’s forced displacement.
  • Reinforce ecofeminist and intercultural points of view.
  • Put the focus on resistance experiences from different countries shared by participants.
  • Raise awareness and encourage networking among participants’ organizations
  • Collect tools and strategies for resistance, democratization, nonviolent participation and action.
  • Train the participants in digital safety, hate speech, defense of human rights and peace building

The ‘Peaceweek’ seminary is a week-long stay in Barcelona with young people from around the world focusing on dynamics, study and debate sessions related to the thematics proposed. The language of the seminary is English. A maximum of 25 youths from: Jordan, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Kurdistan, Bulgaria, Palestine, Tunisia, Catalonia and Switzerland.

When: 13th to 20th March
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Deadline to apply: Apply before the 23th of January

If you need more information read the call for participants.