Workcamp: Revive a hostel for volunteers in Catalonia this April!

Workcamp: Revive a hostel for volunteers in Catalonia this April!

This workcamp will consist in the reconstruction of a hostel for volunteers. It will take place from the 1st to the 9th of April in L’Ametlla del Vallès, Catalonia. Sign up!

*You can find all the information about how to sign up in a workcamp here. You can find more projects in the WORKCAMP FINDER.

The project aims to team up with the local community to renovate association’s spaces, such as a hostel for volunteers, which have fallen in disuse. Read the project description carefully and register!

Description: Fundació Roser de Maig is a social, educational and leisure ENL. It was founded to help those who need it through socio-cultural work. The promotion of spaces for socio-educational and musical activities are key to our reason for being. We support projects with other entities in the city. We have other projects in Catalan territory and on an international level. Since 1994 foundation has been organizing activities for citizens of Cerdanyola including summer, christmas, educational camps, excursions, etc. Our existence is a way to support the community regardless of their nationality or status. We come from a Christian attitude, with social and human values.

Type of Work: Reconstruction work of outdoor spaces.

Study part: Apart from reconstruction work the activities connected to global justice, and peace culture are going to take place. We will go around the city and area so that we can get to know our workcamp surroundings.

Accommodation: There is a house with all the necesary spaces for the volunteers to use (coeducational bathrooms, kitchen, outdoor and indoor recreation spaces) We will sleep in tents on a camping site. The tents will be provided.

Language: The camp language is in English, but nevertheless knowledge of the local language might be of help for better communication with the locals.

You can read all the information here. If you have any question you can write us to!