Workcamp: Fair of Economical Solidarity in Barcelona

Workcamp: Fair of Economical Solidarity in Barcelona

This workcamp will consist in collaborating with the organisation of the Fair of Economical Solidarity in Barcelona. From the 19th to the 26th of October. Sign up now!

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Dates: from the 19th to the 26th of October

Description: The Solidarity Economy Fair of Catalonia is the time of year when all the entities in the field are grouped in the same space and debate on the role of another economy in Catalonia. At the same time, it means an extra workload. This is an opportunity for a good exchange between people interested in the movement of alternative economies and who can lend a hand in the assembly and sustainment of the X FESC

Type of Work: The volunteers’ tasks will consist of supporting the logistics of the Solidarity Economy Fair of Catalonia. For example: the preparation of the material, the assembly of the space, the distribution of materials and the disassembly of the Fair, among others.

Accommodation: All of the participants will be accommodated in a volunteers’ flat in the centre of Barcelona. The apartment has multiple rooms with bunk beds, multiple toilets, a kitchen and a common area.

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