Workcamp: Recovery of ancient roads of the Valley of Siarb!

Workcamp: Recovery of ancient roads of the Valley of Siarb!

This workcamp will consist in the recovery of ancient roads and the discovery of the Valley of Siarb. From the 13th to the 24th of September. Sign up now!

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Dates: 13th – 24th of September

Description: Vall de Siarb is a very unique and interesting valley in the heart of the Pyrenees. The purpose of this workcamp is to recover and maintain the ancient paths of the valley as they are part of the history and the natural beauty of the place. These paths were used during many centuries until the 1960s-70s. They represent a huge heritage, which is why we want to keep them in the valley as an open-air museum. During the workcamp, participants will discover the surroundings of the Valley of Siarb, they will get to know the geographical features of the Parc de l’Alt Pirineu and will learn more about the region of Pallars Sobirà and its idiosyncrasies.

Type of Work: There will be all kinds of tasks regarding the recovering and improving of old paths: clearing paths, rebuilding dry stone walls, putting stones aside, improving trail signs by painting them and redoing pavement stretches of trails. We will spend all the working hours (4 hours) in the nature, surrounded by forests, fields, etc. The work is very manual and physical.

Accommodation: Accommodation will be in tents, following the health protocols of COVID-19. Meals will be taken care of jointly on stoves that will be installed on the ground. Necessary cooking utensils will be provided.

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This summer we have already done one edition of this workcamp and it was great! You can see some pictures below:

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