The Youth Act! Forum in three audiovisual capsules for peace

The III International Youth Act Forum brought together young people from Colombia, Palestine and Catalonia in Barcelona for a week of learning, debates with a critical perspective, and building alliances within youth activism

From the 15th to the 21st of April, a participative process of more than a year between 60 young people from very different parts of the world such as Nazareth, Cali or Barcelona culminated in Barcelona. In a week of meetings with institutions and social movements, talks, debates and mobilizations, the young Palestinian and Colombian activists went home excited, moved and with new contacts on the agenda to continue their activism with an internationalist perspective.

Here you can see and hear some of these young activists explaining from their situated point of view, concrete realities such as mobility or repression. In this first audiovisual capsule, we speak with Valeria Vergara, from Barcelona, ​​Leidy Hazel Medina, from Cali, and a participant from Nazareth who prefers to remain anonymous for security reasons.

Are cities enabled for everyone? And public transport? Does the capitalist model influence the organization of the city?

With the second capsule we can verify that, although both in Catalonia, as well as in Palestine and Colombia, there are processes of political and judicial repression, this manifests itself in different ways in each territory, according to the reality of the actors who participate, the level of privileges of the population and the history of the country. Pol de la Torre, from the Barcelona Youth Council, a participant from Nazareth who prefers to remain anonymous, and Mayra Alejandra Parra, from Cali, respond to:

What effects does repression have on young people in your country?

Finally, an audiovisual capsule that summarizes in a few minutes some of the multiple topics discussed and reflected upon during the III Youth Act International Forum, with statements by Alma Gamper Saez, a participant from Barcelona, ​​Juan José Guerrero, from Cali, and a participant from Nazareth who you also need to remain anonymous for security reasons.

What has participating in the Youth Act meant to you?