Youth exchange in the Catalan Pyrenees about stereotypes and nature this summer!

participants voluntaris a un camp de treball ecologisme i naturalesa

Participate in the youth exchange “Think global, Act Rural II” which will be in the Siarb Valley from June 26 to July 6

A Youth Exchange is a learning project financed by the European Commission where youngsters from different countries have a meeting in one of the countries to discuss diferent social topics through non-formal education. Each group of participants will travel with a coordinator from the same country. In this specific Youth Exchange we count on participants from Portugal, Slovenia and Catalonia.

This Youth Exchange is located in a Refugi in Vall de Siarb, the Catalan Pyrenees, and it consists in raising the awareness against racism and sexism through the analysis of sustainability and interculturality, and also through cultural and gender stereotypes, diverse identities and conservation and discovery of the natural environment.

How will be the activities?
The group will do different activities based in non-formal dynamics and non-formal education to discuss and reflect about the cultural and gender stereotypes that are there in our society and how it is lived in the different countries of origin. On the other side, there will be also manual work and excursions to take care and get to know better the surroundings of the Pyrinees that will host the participants.

Requirements to participate:
1. You should be between 18 and 25.
2. You should have a minimum basis of English (no titles required)
3. You should have the covid EU passport.
3. A lot of energy and motivation!

If you are interested, READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS and send your motivation letter to your sending organisation before the 30th of May.