Volunteering, leadership and emancipation through hands-on work and mentoring

2 years project funded by Erasmus+ that aims to improve the quality of short and long term voluntary projects in the defined Sub-Saharan African and European countries by investing in leadership and mentoring trainings for the youth organisations involved as well as by creating tools for the sending and hosting organisations.

This project will create an impact on the volunteers that participate in the projects, the youth leaders involved in setting up the volunteer activities, their organisations and the local communities that benefit from the volunteering.

Partners involved: SCI Catalunya (Catalonia/Spain), SCI Italia (Italy), KVT Finland (Finland), SCI IS (Belgium), VWAN Nigeria (Nigeria), AJOV (Mozambique), SAVWA (South Africa), and  ZWA (Zimbabwe).

Objectives and target groups of the Project

–  Set up a long term training for youth leaders of international short term voluntary projects focusing on transformative leadership and peer learning. Target group: Pool of trainers, youth leaders.

– Initiate a reflection process on new forms of long term volunteering in Africa while creating online preparation material and mentoring tools. Target group: management of involved organisations, mentors.

Map existing toolkits on global issues such as gender, climate change and decolonization, revise them from a Euro-African perspective and test them in youth exchanges. Target group: Pool of trainers, youth leaders, young participants.

Develop project management skills. Target group: management of participating organizations.

Activities within the Project

African Regional Training (Zimbabwe).
European Regional Training (Italy).
Job Shadowing.
First Steering team meeting (Mozambique).
LTV Mentors Training (Mozambique).
Training of Trainers for Camp Leaders (Catalonia/Spain).
Second Steering team meeting (Catalonia/Spain).

Outcomes of the project:

Partners of the project: