Our network

We cannot understand the local action of SCI without an international view and the international work cannot be carried out without local action. Therefore we, as SCI, working in a netwok with other entities and collectives both on a local and international level.

Local network

We work together with organizations of the youth movement and of global justice, and with communities and social movements of the territory. It is with these organizations that we organize the local workcamps

Integrants d'organització o col·lectiu que forma part de la xarxa local del SCI

Areas of participation at the local level

In order to strengthen our work and promote an organized civil society we are part of different platforms of second degree and spaces of participation.

SCI International

SCI Internacional is a movement which was born in 1920 to promote peace, international solidarity and global justice. It has a secretary in Belgica and 42 branches around the world. SCI Catalunya is one of those branches.

Solidarity in the Mediterranean Area

From SCI Catalunya we are the benchmark in working with the member entities of the Mediterranean. The objective of this task is to strengthen the ties of collaboration and solidarity with organizations in the southern shore of the Mediterranean: Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Kurdistan. We do this from a perspective of collaboration and exchange between peers.

International network

SCI has 42 branches all around the world:

PVN – Albania
SCI Austria
SCI Belarus
SCI Belgium
VIA Belgium
CVS Bulgaria
SCI Catalunya
VCZ Croatia
KVT Finland
SCI France
SCI Germany
SCI Hellas (Grècia)
SCI Hong Kong
SCI Hungary
IVP Indonesia
VSI Ireland
SCI Itàlia
GAIA Kosovo
SCI Madrid
AVI Moldova
VIA Netherlands
VWAN Nigeria
ID Norway
IVS Great Britain
SCI Poland
SCI Romania
VCV Serbia
SCI Slovenia
IAL Sweden
SCI Bangladesh
SCI India
SCI Japan
SCI Malaysia
SCI Nepal
SCI Sri Lanka
SCI South Korea
SVI Mauritius
IVP Australia


In addition to the branches, it has more than 90 partner entities that collaborate in the organization of international voluntary projects and peace education.

In Africa:

BWA – Botswana Workcamps Association
UJFraD (Burkina Faso)
VOLU – Voluntary Workcamp Association of Ghana
ZAYDO – Zanzibar Youth Volunteer Development Organization
Les Ententes – Senegal
VWASL – Voluntary Workcamps Association of Sierra Leone
UVIKIUTA – Tanzania
DUNIA – Ivory Cost
UPA – Uganda Pioneers Association – Uganda
Kiburanga – Kenya
SAVWA – South Àfrica
Le Fenagie – Senegal

In Asia:

MCE – Mogolian Workcamp Exchange – Mongolia
NICE – Neverending International Camp Exchange – Japan
League of Volunteers Kyrgystan – Kyrgystan
VYA – Vision Youth Action Taiwan – Taiwan
DaLaa Thailand
VPV – Volunteers for Peace Vietnam
Great Indonesia – Indonesia
CYA Cambodia
Youth of Osh – Kyrgyzstan
Pohnpei Visiters Bureau – Micronesia
STEP – Vietnam
IIWC of PKBI – Indonesia

In Europe:

HUJ Armenia
AYAFE – Azerbaijan
Tamjdem – Czech Republic
DUHA Association – Czech Republic
INEX-SDA Cz – Czech Republic
YGE – Young Georgians for Europe- Georgia
EST-YES Estonia
MS – Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke – Denmark
VJF – Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger – Germany
IPJ – Instituto Português da Juventude – Portugal
SIW – Internationale Vrijwilligersprojekten – Netherlands
BSF – Balkan Sunflowers – Kosovo
Passage Zebra RU-PZ – Russia
MS – Denmark Greenland
SEEDS Iceland
Eco Centre Zapovedniks – Russia
SFERA – Russia
Siberian Creative Group – Russia
World4U – Russia
Sodrujestvo – Russia
AYA Volunteer Centre- Russia
Young Researchers of Serbia (MIS)
INEX Slovakia
Alternative V Ukrainian Association for Youth Cooperation
Association Amitié Portugal – Luxembourg
GSM – Gençlik Servisleri Merkezi – Turkey
GENCTUR – Turkey
ArmActive Youth center – Armenia
Zemljani – Bosnia Herzegovina
VAK – Velebit Association Kuterevo – Croatia
Volunteer Center of ADP-ZID – Montenegro
Youth Cultural Center Bitola – Macedonia
Para Onde – Portugal
Associação Medestu – Portugal
Youth Memorial Perm – Russia
Youth and Change – Kurdistan

Regió Mediterrània:

Baladna – Association for Arab Youth – Israel (Palestina 48)
ACIM – Amis des Chantiers Internationaux de Meknès – Morocco
Project Hope Palestine – Palestine
Tent of Nations Palestine – Palestine
Zajel Youth Exchange Program – Palestine
Youth Development Association – Palestine
ADPAL – Association pour le Développement et la Promotion de l’Artisanat Local – Algeria
Gudran Egypt
iDare – Jordan
Children and Youth Center – Lebanon
EVO – Espace Volontariat Oujda – Morocco
CJV – Morocco
JEC – Jeunesse et Cooperation
JAFRA- Syria
VSF – Volontariat Sans Frontière – Tunisia

In Latin America:

Asociación C.H.I.C.O.S. – Argentina
Fundacion Chiriboga – Ecuador
VIVE México
Gotas de Agua – Peru
APAN – Asociación Pro Ayuda a la Niñez – Nicaragua
NATATE – Mexico
Proyecto Consciente – El Salvador
Feria Walung – Chile
Pajoso Sostenible – Bolivia
Corporación Conciencia Kindi – Colombia
In North America:

IVS Canada