2 places urgents d’EVS a Bèlgica

2 places urgents d’EVS a Bèlgica

Crida urgent de dues places d'EVS per a 6 mesos a Bèlgica. Es tracta de dos projectes en zona rural, força aïllada i de treball o bé amb la natura o bé en un centre per a noies amb risc d'exclusió.
Consulteu informació sobre els projectes a http://www.wissel.be/site/

EVS 1 Centrum Molenmoes: 
The project is located on a small farm 12km from Leuven in a village Wezemaal, called Centrum Molenmoes. This centre is organised by De Wissel. The farm consists of different rooms for different workshops ( music, movie, sewing, herbs, cooking, art, wood, painting, …), a garden, forest, a pool and some chickens. This is the project where the volunteer will be involved. The project is surrounded by fields and nice nature reserves for walks. The volunteer will live on the project in Wezemaal.

Tasks: seeding/planting, weeding, harvest and take care of the harvest and develop own experiments develop activities  related to environment, animals and garden where youngsters or others can assist and develop activities for the locals on evenings/ weekends ( movie, discussion by fire in tipi, workshops). Keep a diary of Molenmoes environment by facebook (posting foto's, announce plans,…)

The volunteer is free to develop new projects related to garden and environment. In summer there is the possibility to develop a camp for the youngsters. Take care of the environment: repairs things, clean up spaces, collect woods, cut the grass etc. Help and/or coordinate volunteer teams who come to the centre for helping.
Interest or knowledge for gardening, permaculture and ecology, the cyclus of nature(seeding, planting, weeding, harvest, compost,…) talent in cooking of creative ways to use the harvest of the garden. Handy to do little repairments. Not afraid of physical work outside, mature enough to organise your work independent after a while and help to coordinate the work. Capable to deal with the youngsters being on the farm, get along with non-motivated youngsters with behaviour problems. Able to live in rural setting (not in a city, nearest city Leuven is 12km) 
      – transport is by bus and bike, train station 6km from the house 
      – independent in living, cooking, taking care of yourself 
      – live in community with others, share places in common with others except your sleeping room 
      – willing to learn Dutch

EVS 2. The Switch:

The Switch is a part of a bigger organisation named the Wissel. We are an organisation that works with young adolescent girls between 15 and 18 years old that are confrontated with several problems (behaviour, family, social, sometimes psychatric, school…. Before they come and live with us, most of the girls have lived in several settings with bad experiences.
The project is located 12km from Leuven in a village Sint-Pieters-Rode. The volunteer will live in a house of Centrum Molenmoes in Wezemaal about 2-3 km from the switch.

Tasks and profile:

The volunteer that we are looking for,  will be a member of our daily work, as we have to work very individual with the girls. He/she will work in a schedule of about 35 hours a week (dutch lessons included). The EVS'er can participate to the organisations' life during some days and evenings and take responsability for tasks (cooking, driving a girl to the doctor's, taking care of animals, hold the house clean), but a big part of the time he/she should invite the youngsters to do activities , show hospitality… 'Being in the house doing normal daily things and invite the girls to take part of this instead being occupated by their personal problems' is the most important thing we are asking. Therefor we need a person who  speaks good English, who has enough social skills to realise contacts with the girls , invite them, motivate…, who can stand that the girls (because of their problems) don't react/handle allways in a kind way. The EVS'er also needs to have a license to drive and have enough experience on the way.  Also practical skills are rewarded: able to cook a healty meal for 8 persons in a short time,  to work  on his own, take initiative.  And he/she also has the possibility to use personal skills and interests: musical, creative, multimedia … to organise workshops for the girls. As we work with individual trajects , flexibility is very important.

Please, ask for the application form to longterm@sci-cat.org as soon as possible!