On the second day, the program began by the presentations of five organizations, where every representative spoke about the goals and projects of his/her organization. The represented organizations for the second day were YDA, SCI Catalunia, Zajel International Youth Exchange Program, Jafra and Bridges for Peace.

The next session was organized on SCI peace work in the MIDI area, where participants were divided into small groups to discuss the concept of peace in the conflicted areas and what can we do to enforce the peaceful activities in such hot zones.

In the Afternoon, the participants had a tour in the city of Barcelona where they were guided to its historical and architectural monuments, this tour was followed by a book story event that was organized in the SCI office in Barcelona where activists from Barcelona and other countries attended the book story event and discussed the stories of the seminars participants, the event was fruitful and moving as it gave the gusts of the SCI event an opportunity to get firsthand information on the discussed topics.

Article by Allaaeldin Abutheheir (The International Youth Exchange Program)

Foto by Suha Ismail (I – Dare)