Aquest estiu, fot el camp!

Aquest estiu, fot el camp!

Et presentem els camps de treball que tindran lloc arreu del món aquest estiu. No perdis l’oportunitat de participar en un projecte de voluntariat transformador!

Hi ha centenars de projectes de voluntariat transformador de curta durada durant tot l’any, però a l’estiu es multipliquen les opcions. Tot i que no hi ha una data límit d’inscripció als camps de treball, és a partir d’aquest moment que la base de dades de projectes comença a omplir-se d’oportunitats. Enguany podràs viure l’experiència d’un camp de treball arreu del món i també al territori.  No t’ho perdis, aquest estiu, fot el camp!

Aquí fem un recull d’alguns dels projectes disponibles ara mateix, però per veure’ls tots pots consultar el CERCADOR DE CAMPS. Podreu utilitzar els filtres de dates, països i temàtiques.

*Si encara no saps què és un camp i com inscriure-t’hi pots llegir totes les condicions i passos a seguir per inscriure’t aquíNo en tens prou? Vine a una xerrada informativa sobre els camps de treball!


blankSWITZERLAND: Local non-profit music festival “Hors Tribu” (22nd – 31st May)

Description: Organisers work on a voluntary basis and try to do it all by themselves. It is an alternative way to stay free from sponsors and economic rules that are usually in place for big festivals. In the end the festival looks like a nice handmade event where people can enjoy a wide variety of music styles and meet each other in a friendly atmosphere
Type of Work: As a volunteer you’ll be involved in creating a unique non-profit, human-sized and eco-friendly event. You will have an opportunity to work on 3 different tasks: building structures for the festival, work on the decoration and support in the kitchen to prepare the meals for all volunteers or do the dishes. Each job is supervised by a skilled volunteer from the organisation. Your tasks will mainly be outdoor jobs, except for the kitchen tasks. During the festival, you will have free time so you can appreciate the result of your work.

NORWAY: Vardøhus museumsforening, Vardø (1st – 15th July)blank

Description: The work will be done in 2 different places. One part will include some manual outdoor work in the surroundings of the old building of “Lushaugen”, mostly cutting of grass etc. The second part will be some outdoor work in the surroundings of the Pomor Museum, and also some activity related preserving industrial artefacts for the museum regarding the local fishery history, and organizing storage rooms for these objects.
Type of Work: The work will be done in 2 different places. One part will include some manual outdoor work in the surroundings of the old building of “Lushaugen”, mostly cutting of grass etc. The second part will be some outdoor work in the surroundings of the Pomor Museum, and also some activity related preserving industrial artefacts for the museum regarding the local fishery history, and organizing storage rooms for these objects.
Camp open for families!

blankSWITZERLAND: Pro Terra Engiadina (28th July – 10th August)

Description: The Foundation Pro Terra Engiadina (PTE) is a cross-sector foundation which aims to maintain and promote the natural and cultural landscape, as well as biodiversity in the Engadin valley. Given its involvement with many sectors, PTE integrates ecological connectivity into the spatial planning which is one of its strengths.
Type of Work: The focus is on the maintenance and promotion of biodiversity in dry meadows, peatlands or community gardens. Other work depends on weather conditions: clearing shrubbery from dry meadows, peatlands and along cultural structures; collecting stones to build cairns or dry-stone walls; retrieving branches and stacking them into piles; maintaining water streams; help in community or school gardens, participating in a Littering Project by collecting litter in an area along the main river in Engadin, the Inn River.
Camp open for families!

blankCZECH REPUBLIC: Cultivate Rochlov Castle Gardens (8th – 21st July)

Description: The main goal of the workcamp is the cultivation of the gardens and the castle park which will improve the quality of life for the neighbourhood, support sustainability and better management of local plants and natural resources in Rochlov.
Type of work: Work in the castle’s gardens: cultivation of garden beds and herb garden, arrangement of decorative flower beds around the premises, preparation for building new gardens, and planting of new plants. During the workcamp, the traditional Baroque Festival will take place at the castle – volunteers will help with setting up tents, placing the navigation signs, and cleaning the area. Volunteers are welcome to join the festivities.


blankCZECH REPUBLIC: Back to Nature for Families (24th – 31st August)

Description: The workcamp takes place in a remote but exceptionally beautiful, hilly area of the Bohemian Forest, near the western border of the Czech Republic. The campsite is isolated from civilization and we welcome volunteers who are fond of trying out a basic lifestyle in the forest and do not mind longer walks. The main goal is to help maintain meadows in a nature-protected area, maintain the campsite and enjoy nature.
Type of work: Children and parents will work together when possible (e.g. helping with cooking, collecting wood, harvesting vegetables and gardening). Work will be organized in two groups. The first one will be working in a nature reserve located 3km away from the campsite, their work will consist of mowing grass, raking and collecting grass. The second group will be working on the campsite preparing food, collecting wood, doing maintenance tasks or working in the nearby forest.
This workcamp is for families with 5+ years old children or individuals.

blankPORTUGAL: Getting Clayful (19th – 30th September)

Description: Get to know and experience the creative art of working with clay and other natural materials while integrated in a living community that practices regenerative lifestyles and techniques. We aim to transform materials and learning spaces by having fun, improving our personal wellbeing, help counteract climate change, and bring back more balance into our ecosystems.
Type of work: Creating and Maintaining Educational Spaces and Materials: We will care and improve the association’s pedagogical spaces; create and improve educational activity materials and prepare resources for ongoing education purposes. Awareness raising event: We will coo create, organize and present a public event (open day) that joins together the local community for a day of cultural, traditional and creative exchange.

blankPORTUGAL: Live Nature Live Together 2024 (2nd – 13th August)

Description: Promotion and development of social inclusion activities and voluntary work; Promotion of community awareness actions on environmental issues, on combating climate change and on social inclusion. Creation and distribution of ecological material and gadgets; Increased awareness of the impact of single-use plastic on the forest and marine environment; Creation of an international and district youth network to ensure the impact and sustainability of the proposed challenge.
Type of Work: Environmental awareness actions, including open discussions and structured dialogue between young people and policy makers in the various municipalities present; Public Campaigns; Actions to combat the use and contamination through plastic, through cleaning of forest areas, beaches and forests around them; Organization of inclusive Cultural and Sporting Events; Actions to encourage the reduction of emissions and toxic waste, with the realization of group tours in the communities of Braga district and in some communities of the network created online.

blankNETHERLANDS: Emmaus Haarzuilens (18th – 31st August)

Description: Emmaus Communities around the world enable people to move on from homelessness, providing work and a home in a supportive, family environment. This work supports the community financially and enables residents to develop skills, rebuild their self-respect and help others in greater need. Companions receive accommodation, food, clothing and a small weekly allowance, but for many, the greatest benefit is a fresh start. Volunteers will not only work, but also live together with the inhabitants of Emmaus Haarzuilens.
Type of work: The work will include picking up second hand goods together with the Emmaus residents, sorting them and placing them in the shop. Also, the volunteers will help with gardening and other maintenance work on the grounds of the community and help in the kitchen as well. At the end of the project the volunteers will help with the set-up and dismantling of the festival and they will also organize a fashion show in which they will present some of the second-hand clothes that are for sale.

blankNETHERLANDS: Azc Emmen (22nd July – 3st August)

Description: The location of the project is the Refugee Centre Emmen. This refugee centre (in Dutch: AZC Emmen) has a capacity for about 400 refugees. This particular place is a location for families with under age children whose application for asylum has been denied by the Dutch government. Our partner is the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (in Dutch: COA). The COA provides accommodation during the asylum procedure and prepares asylum seekers for staying in the Netherlands, returning to their country of origin or transmigration.
Type of work: The children you will be working with are between 4 and 12 years. These children participate in a school program, but during the months of July and August, there is the summer holiday break. The volunteers organise activities for and with the children.

blankSLOVAKIA: Help to Rebuild the Hanigovce Castle (7th – 13th July)

Description: The Civil Association Rakociho cesta carries the idea of a touristic path that would connect places related to the history of the Rakocis family tree. The aim of the movement is to preserve and renovate historical monuments and traditions. They would like to continue with the original Rakocis path goal which was to contribute to the development of the region.
Type of work: Volunteers will be helping with revitalizing the old ruins of the small Hanigovce Castle in Eastern part of Slovakia. The goal of the camp will be to help with the renovation of the castle ruins. Volunteers will help with masonry work, preparation and sorting of stones, preparation of mortar, transfer of mortar and stones to masonry sites. They will take care about the herd of 30 goats that are kept at the castle for the purpose of grazing the bushes.

blankESTONIA: Alliksaare Horse Farm III (1st – 26th July)

Description: Nowadays, Hiiumaa is the second biggest island of Estonia. EstYES has been cooperating with eco-farms all over Estonia for solidarity and practical support to local people who work in the agricultural sector keeping traditional lifestyle and developing new eco-farming despite all difficulties. Alliksaare Farm on Hiiumaa Island is one of such projects. This is an organic farm promoting sustainable lifestyle, and this camp is proposed for volunteers who appreciate and share its values, want to learn more about it and to help hard working people.
Type of work: Alliksaare Farm s main direction is horse breeding. The work is diverse: it is to take care and maintain the pastures located by the sea – clearing around the pastures, building or removing fences, repairing fences, cleaning the stable. Another work is cleaning the coast nearby the farm from rubbish brought by storms. But the most important work is with horses directly – taking care of them and to train horses.

blankDENMARK: Youth Island 2024 (18th – 25th June)

Description: UngdomsEen (aka Youth Island) is an island located just a short ferry ride from Copenhagen.UngdomsEens mission is to strengthen young people in their journey to become active, committed, and curious citizens who take responsibility for each other, for their communities, and for the development of our societies. Inside the island there are more than 16,000 m2 and 1.8 km of underground pathways, so even though the island may seem small from a distance there is plenty of space for activities and expeditions.
Type of Work: This year we want to focus on creating a welcoming environment on the harbor quay in various ways. We need to make a restoration of the windows in the old fortress. Cleaning the beach for seaweed and creating a beautiful greenhouse garden are also projects that will make the youth feel at home on the island. Lastly, we also want to help the operations team with the projects they are occupied with. We will be ready to help and guide you throughout the camp, so there are no expectations of your previous practical experience.

DENMARK: Project Clean Beach and Nature Care 2024 (4th – 17th August)blank

Description: The Danish Nature Agency is an agency under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, which manages tasks in forests, natural areas, and along the shores of Denmark. The Danish Nature Agency manages the Ministry s approximately 200,000 hectares of forests and natural areas to create the greatest possible value for society in terms of good conditions for outdoor recreation, nature protection, and efficient operation of the Agency s forests and other natural areas.
Type of Work: The Island of REmE, is incredibly famous for its unique and beautiful marine environment, but without proper protection and environmental awareness, it risks becoming disrupted by pollution and human alteration over time. The work consists of collecting waste that is washed up from the sea and cleaning the coast on selected stretches

blankBELGIUM: “Gallo-Roman immersion at Malagne, Archéoparc in Rochefort” (8th – 18th July)

Description: The Archeopark “Malagne” in Rochefort is an interpretation center of the Gallo-Roman rural civilization and a museum. Open since 1996, the Archeopark shows a Gallo-Roman villa, built nearly 2000 years ago, it is formed by an ancient farm with its buildings and grounds. Malagne is a non- profit organization with the aim of helping to grasp archeology and understand the heritage of our Gallo-Roman ancestors. Malagne reconstitutes the daily activities of a villa of the 1st century of our Era: crafts, agriculture, iron and fire, cooking.
Type of Work: The volunteers will participate with the team in the preparation and the arrangement of a Gallo-Roman festival in order to make the public discover the Gallo-Roman expertise and crafts. The work consists essentially in the assemblying and dismantling of the infrastructures for this event (arbors, bar, barbecue, benches and tables). During the week, the site hosts summer camps for children and the volunteers will be able to assist the entertainers of the children.

blankBELGIUM: Esperanzah! An alternative way of making a World music festival (20th July – 2nd August)

Description: The Esperanzah! team wishes to demonstrate that it is possible to organize a large-scale event while respecting the environment (dry toilets, reusable cups…), while not collaborating with large multinationals and working with small local producers. It is not simply a question of participating in a festive event but above all of integrating a project that aims to a societal change through music.
Type of Work: The volunteers will help with the assembly and dismantling of the festival structures (tents, barriers, decoration, stages, etc.). The SCI volunteers will join a larger team of around 100 volunteers. There will be also 7 general camp leaders of all festival’s volunteers joining them in the week preceding the festival. During the festival (26/07 to 28/07), volunteers will have the opportunity to attend concerts.

blankBELGIUM: Experience permaculture and discovery of vegetable kitchen (20th July – 4th August)

Description: Locally rooted and set in a green scenery, “Les Amis du Village” aims to strengthen ties with locals while inviting volunteers from all places to join their experience. There are a variety of activities in which volunteers are invited to participate: yoga, meditation, and crafts.
Type of Work: Throughout the project, volunteers will work in the vegetable garden and carry out various tasks (harvesting, cleaning, composting, sowing, planting, cooking, preserving…) and work in the renovation of a building with clay and other natural materials (straw). Sunday 28th of July there will be an “Open House” in collaboration with 2 other permaculture places in the region. Volunteers will help set up the event and assist in some of the tasks (animations, bar…) and will also be able to visit the partners’ projects.

blankGERMANY: Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt (6th – 27th August)

Description: The Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt was born with 58 shown movies in 1977. During the years more films had been shown (up to 200), the festival lasted more and more days (5 days), the audience increased (up to 1500), the open air screen got enlarged (72 sqm), the afternoon presentations got extended in a circus tent, and the area was getting bigger.
Type of Work: The volunteers will help to build-up the festival area with tents, light and sound equipment and decoration. Afterwards the participants will also help to re-build the area. During the festival you will also get in touch with the international film makers and German locals. Of course, you will also have time to watch some movies. Stay tuned on the project partners homepage and fb-page to get informed about the program.

blankGermany: Ecological farming for saving our planet, Marth (28th July – 6th August)

Description: In a village amid a beautiful hilly landscape lies the “Kastanienhof”, an old, four-sided half-timbered farm, which today belongs to the non-profit association “Lebens und Agrarkulturelle Initiative e.V.”. Its goals are ecological agriculture to preserve old crops and endangered farm animals, renewable energies, historical-biological building, and communal living.
Type of work: Work is done on the listed building: woodwork, plastering with clay and cement and building on scaffolding. You learn a lot of craftsmanship. In addition, there will be small agricultural work and there will be a joint harvest and cooking for all helpers. On the weekend of 3.-4.8.2024, the Kastanienhof participates in the medieval market festival on the castle “Burg Hanstein” with the sale of products and homemade ice cream.

blankGermany: Experience Renewable Energies I (20th July – 3th August)

Description: The Center for Sustainable Development “artefact” is 100% self-sufficient in renewable energies. In Glücksburg on the Flensburg Fjord near the Danish border, the non-profit GmbH operates a guest house built in clay architecture and a climate park for tourists and other visitors. They organize projects and seminars on global learning.
Type of Work: Repair work and further development of the climate park for visitors, this includes manual work such as building and renovating (e.g. designing the climate house, wind-water pump, building animal fences, laying a water pipe) as well as maintenance work such as mowing and weeding the meadow.

blankFINLAND: Arts and Village Culture in Lapland (10th – 19th August)

Description: The camp takes place in the picturesque village of Kaukonen, around 100 km north of the region’s capital Rovaniemi. The workcamp is organized by local associations, who promote the village as a cultural space. The volunteers will help with the restoration of the village’s facilities for culture and arts. There are also opportunities for hiking. The Särestöniemi, Palsa, and Raekallio museums are nearby.
Type of Work: Restoration and reparation of the village hall, a local artists’ residence and an event space. Volunteers will be given tasks like painting, tidying up and other restoration activities. Protective equipment will be provided by the organizer. A work supervisor with the necessary competencies will oversee the work of volunteers.


*Per fer un camp de treball al Sud es requereix ser major de 21 anys, tenir experiència prèvia en voluntariat i una formació extra d’aprofundiment.

blankKENYA: Newstar Drama Group (3rd – 24th June)

Description: Newstar Drama Group was founded in 1993 at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) Nairobi and was registered in 1996 by the Ministry of Culture and Social services. The group is a traveling theatre group that has performed at many high schools, universities, colleges, primary schools, social forums and Kenya National Theatre. Newstar is a member of International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA).
Type of Work: Newstar Drama Group office work. Performing arts training. Live drama performances. Mentorship for artistes. Promotional activities including marketing theatre productions. Submit Project Report to KVDA.

blankBOTSWANA: Khama Rhino Sanctuary (10th – 21st June)

Description: Khama Rhino Sanctuary (KRS) Khama Rhino Sanctuary is located around 25km north of Serowe and 320 km Northwest from Gaborone, capital city of the Republic of Botswana. It is defined by Kalahari Desert sands and quite range of vegetation. Khama Rhino Sanctuary is a conservation park for the endangered white and black rhinos. It also hosts a wide range of animals including kudus, impalas, gemsboks, giraffes, and a variety of small animals and birds.Volunteers at the nature reserve can enjoy day and evening game drives and some educational lectures on some days. Volunteers can also arrange to join the rangers for their animals counting exercises and patrols along the park fences.
Type of work: The volunteers will assist in themaintenance of thefootpaths, parkfence, firebreaks and trails and helping in day-to-daybusinessmaintenance of thepark. Thevolunteerswillparticipate as a team in thewholeduration of the camp. Volunteers can share and exchangedifferent cultural formsduringtheworkcamp. Theorientationfortheworkcampisscheduled at BWA head offices for the day before the workcamp start at Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

CAMBODIA:blankCenter for Arts, Music, and Education (10th – 21st June)

Description: CAME recognizes the importance of traditional music, arts, and culture in preserving the identity and heritage of our community. It also acknowledges the critical role of education in improving the lives of individuals. Therefore, this center seeks to bridge the gap by offering a unique blend of cultural preservation and educational opportunities, free of charge, to empower our community.
Type of Work: Volunteers of CAME will work on: organizing different events at the center to promote the work of students and volunteers,teaching English and computers at our center and public school,renovating CAME classrooms and facilities and joining the construction work to complete the new building,gardening and tree planting to create a beautiful environment of our center

blankSOUTH AFRICA: SAVWA Youth Awareness Month (14th – 28th June)

Description: Youth Awareness Month (Sports and Cultural activities) Providing a platform to recognize the role Youth Play in South Africa society.
Type of work: This is an exciting project as volunteers have opportunity to work with different communities and interact with children after school.The camp will require volunteers to be involved in different activities such as building up learning activities which will be used when the volunteers will meet the children from 8am to 4pm daily activities. Volunteers will work in groups.The work camp will require volunteers to be involved in various sports and cultural activities and as well creating and using objects which will be used when the volunteers will meet the children from 1pm to 5pm daily activities.

blankSRI LANKA: Poson Festival (20th – 30th June)

Description: PosonPoya, also known as Poson Festival, is an important religious and cultural festival celebrated in Sri Lanka. It commemorates the introduction of Buddhism to the island by Arahat Mahinda, the son of Emperor Ashoka of India, in the 3rd century BCE. PosonPoya typically falls in June, marking the full moon day of the month of Poson (June), according to the Buddhist lunar calendar.
Type of Work: During the festival season, many locals offer free food to the pilgrims and people volunteer in the food stalls for cooking food and destributing them. Volunteers will get engaged in such activities with local volunteers.

INDONESIA:blank Semoya Eco-Farming Camp (1st – 14th July)

Description: Semoya is a Javanese traditional village located in Brebah District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. The society here still maintains its agricultural tradition. Their main commodity is rice which is being planted surrounding the area. As a tourist village destination, the Semoya community continues to preserve Javanese culture as one of their daily activities. There are many activities ranging from dance and performing arts such as ‘ketoprak’ and ‘wayang’ which are often held for local communities and tourists.
Type of Work: The community cooperates with the Bhumi Horta Foundation this year to provide long-term assistance to support their agriculture transformation, from conventional agriculture to environmentally friendly agriculture. This mentoring program includes several activities, such as mentoring the production of organic agricultural production facilities, sustainable agricultural cultivation techniques, and permaculture principles implementation practices. Such as: producing Organic Fertilizer in Livestock Areas,creating a Permaculture Garden in Semoya Village, participate in local community activities, organizing a farming workshop about permaculture principles implementation, supporting community and cultural arts activities.

blankTOGO: Agro-ecological Space And Permaculture (2nd – 20th July)

Description: Espace Agro-Ecologique is a place where we come to learn, recharge, meet and share. It is an initiative of the NGO ASTOVOT for several years to promote agroecology and the preservation of biodiversity. This small farm located in a very wooded area with a small river nearby allows to exploit a plot of market gardening, where a diversity of organic vegetables is grown for local consumption. Every summer, immersion stays make it possible to make accessible to all, the techniques and practices of agroecology at the scale of a garden. Over the years, this volunteer project has become a genuine solidarity program aimed at raising awareness and concretely transmitting agroecological values and techniques to national and international volunteers.
Type of Work: Preserve the biodiversity of the site; Promote the cultivation of organic vegetables and fruits through agroecology; Promote educational exchanges on agroecology and other practices for more responsible agriculture between volunteers and facilitators; TASKS FOR VOLUNTEERS: Manufacture of boards, nursery, hoeing; compost; Transplanting seedlings, watering seedlings; Reinforce the garden fence with bamboo; Construction of a straw and bamboo hut for relaxing and preserving tools and products; Organization of educational activities in the garden with children.

blankTOGO: Renovation & Leisure: Astovot Library (7th – 26th July)

Description: For several years ASTOVOT has been involved in setting up social and community facilities, in particular the construction of mini-libraries in the local communities where it operates. One of the libraries, called “Agbalényo”, meaning “knowledge is good” in Ewé (the local language), which is located at the association’s head office, is in need of renovation and refurbishment. The aim of this work camp is to fit out the interior of this small library to make it attractive and comfortable for the children and young people of the Zomayineighbourhood.
Type of work: To make the interior of the library more attractive through masonry and painting work; Fitting out the reading area: repairing, arranging and maintaining furniture, books and other items; Organise and lead socio-educational and leisure activities with the children in the afternoons.

TAIWAN:blankOld House Reconstruction in Rural Village (9th – 20th July)

Description: This project is inviting volunteers to deeply involve themselves in the renovation of the historic Yenping town street, and to experience the local atmosphere by repairing old houses and participating in agricultural life within 12 days in Xiluo Township. Xiluo Township, located in the middle of Taiwan, has a 360-year history and is the most northern district of Yunlin County.
Type of Work: We will be repairing the old houses at No. 110 and No. 112 to revitalize the old community and prepare for the creation of a Learning Commons in the future.Participants will have the opportunity to learn about various types of organic vegetables and their production process, as well as experience working as farmers.We will collaborate with local residents to create public artwork and improve the community environment.

blankTAIWAN: Explore the Treasure of Folk Culture (9th – 22nd July)

Description: Encourage international volunteers to create their own lion head and painting, which is a significant part of the community’s folk culture. By producing traditional lion head and painting, Xiushan hopes to become a hub for folk arts and crafts outside of the village. Through international volunteers, Xiushan aims to foster young people’s interest in community activities and introduce the community’s unique characteristics to the volunteers while encouraging them to participate in community activities.
Type of Work: Organize care programs for the elderly to participate in community activities, which are led by volunteers and provide different cultural experiences to stimulate curiosity and mobility. Introduce the international volunteers to the traditional Chinese Ghost Festival ceremony by creating their lion head and painting. Combine the martial arts teachers and craftsmen of the community to create an experience for international volunteers and residents. The program involves making the lion’s head and painting, training lion skills, andexperiencing the community Song Jiangzhen.

blankKENYA: Roddy’s Eco Cover Environmental Project (12th – 30th July)

Description: Roddy’s Eco-Cover is a community-based organization founded in 2011 to champion environmental awareness with forestry as key concern. The project was established by members of the local community with the aim of empowerment for the less fortunate members in the quest to tackle development challenges at the grassroots. Its major focus is on environmental concern to mitigate the effects of climate change and foster inter-cultural education among the local community.
Type of Work: Manual work and intercultural activities, Agro forestry that will include tree planting ,Preparation of tree nurseries and weeding , Land scaping and tending to bamboo trees in the natural habitat,Cleanup activities , Naming of trees ,Home visits, Inter-cultural learning coupled with home visits for exposure to development challenges. Possibility to visit the historic sites like Hippo point on Lake Victoria in Kisumu City, renowned Kakamega Rain Forest and the Equator point at Maseno University; among other spectacular sites of interest in the region. However, this will be done most probably during the weekends.

TOGO:blank Lifesaving Gestures (22nd July – 10th August)

Description: In Togo, a large number of people are still unaware of the basic gestures involved in rescuing people who are victims of a road accident or an incident affecting the physical body. Given that this situation has become increasingly alarming in recent times, the NGO ASTOVOT is setting up a life-saving training and awareness-raising project this summer. The project involves raising awareness and training road users in lifesaving techniques, so that they can learn the basics of first aid in the event of traffic accidents or other incidents.
Type of Work: To train national and international volunteers in first aid so that they in turn become trainers for the project. To raise awareness and train people in life-saving techniques through practical demonstrations at various parking areas in the town; Organising a mass awareness-raising and training session for the public and motorbike taxi drivers in a public square.Volunteers take part in the centre’s activities. Volunteers will first be trained by other volunteers who have first aid experience; The trained volunteers will in turn train road users in various first aid modules.

TOGO:blank Computer Courses & Cine-debat (29th July – 18th August)

Description: Access to computers is still very limited in Togo’s universities, senior high schools and secondary schools. The vast majority of Togolese pupils and students do not master the use of IT tools. This puts them at a disadvantage during their school or university career. Aware of this, ASTOVOT is setting up simple, practical introductory courses to computers and the Internet for pupils. This project is open to any volunteer with a basic knowledge of computers who would like to pass this on to Togolese teenagers and young people.
Type of Work: Show the learners:  Master the basic concepts of computing and computers; Be familiar with the computer environment (hardware and software); know the basic concepts of information systems and be aware of the security aspects of these systems; be familiar with the fundamentals of the Internet, understand its basic concepts and be able to use it for documentary and other research; and the responsible use of social networks.

TAIWAN:blank Puppet Show with Kids! (10th – 19th August)

Description: The Taichung Coast region is a vibrant hub of folk activities. This event aims to provide participants with the opportunity to learn and experience puppetry and traditional cultural activities. Participants will complete puppet making and traditional cultural experience through tasks such as accompanying children and cultural tours. The event will also allow participants to experience the local customs and traditional cultural festivals of Wuqi Town, and gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the region.
Type of Work: To learn the art of handmade puppetry and performance. Connect with children and teenagers to delve into local history, then bring it to life through a puppet show. Collaborate with a local group to orchestrate the festivities of the Ghost Festival.

blankTAIWAN: Experience Taiwan Halloween (14th – 24th August)

Description: Learn about the culture of Chinese Halloween in Taiwan.Volunteers can participate in health promotion activities with elders and share their exotic cultures with children to broaden horizons and give local people unique country experiences.We hope the younger generation in the community can introduce our features to international volunteers, making them more interested in participating in activities in our community during and after the work camp.
Type of work: Elders company: The community facility holds health activities five times a week. Volunteers will participate, design interesting games, and prepare performances so that elders can experience different country cultures, have fun, and learn new things from different perspectives.Local ceremony participation: Stuff preparation for annual Chinese Halloween event.Culture sharing: Share authentic country’s festive culture with elders and children.

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