Busquem voluntàries per l’intercanvi juvenil a Croàcia!

Busquem voluntàries per l’intercanvi juvenil a Croàcia!

L’intercanvi juvenil “What do you see when you look in the MIRROR?” tindrà lloc a Karlovac, Croàcia del 22 de febrer a l’1 de març

Un intercanvi juvenil és un projecte finançat per la Comissió Europea que permet que joves en situació de precarietat puguin participar d’un projecte internacional. La participació és completament gratuïta. Aquí trobaràs més informació.

Cerquem un grup de 5 persones d’entre 18 i 25 anys que vulguin participar d’aquest projecte. Consulteu tota la informació a continuació i inscriviu-vos ja enviant un correu electrònic a voluntariat@scicat.org.

Project information:

The Youth Exchange arise from the conviction that it’s necessary for young people to have a safe space to think about their self-esteem because there is lack of time and space for it. Also, it can be useful for future of Young people when they will have to start college, find a job, start a family, or in general when they will start an independent life. Therefore, Youth Exchange is an intercultural experience where Young people can learn and develop new skills, empowerment and open their mindsets. This Youth exchange is a good opportunity to increase self-esteem, offer a space for self-reflection and improve or acquire new skills and competences that might be useful in the future.

Through this Youth Exchange Young people will have the opportunity to develop tools to improve their self-esteem and to increase awareness of the social impact on self-esteem. Indeed, we are strongly influenced by social environment (such as family, friends, school, and so on) and there is no personal space to learn about yourself and your self-esteem. Even if sometimes is not possible to change social environment, it is important to empower yourself in order to know who to tackle within social context.

This project aims to empower the participants for personal development through building self esteem and raising awareness of importance in basic mental health, which will be achieved through our specific goals:
1. To spread knowledge and awareness about topic and tools connected with self – esteem.
2. To build a sustainable network between organizations and to encourage future partnership.
3. To provide information about youth exchange in order to increase available opportunities.
4. To become familiar with different tools and methods of non – formal education.
5. To enhance personal development of participants.
6. To have space to develop soft skills.
7. To promote diversity, intercultural and inter – religious dialogue

Dates: 22nd of February – 1st of March