Camp de voluntariat “City of stones and dreams”, al Kurdistan turc

Camp de voluntariat “City of stones and dreams”, al Kurdistan turc

El camp tindrà lloc del 16 al 26 de desembre. Per participar en aquest camp cal experiència prèvia en voluntariat internacional. Si estàs interessat/ada, envia un correu electrònic a amb una carta de presentació explicant la teva experiència i motivació.

Youth and Change Association is founded in order to make powerful to relationships between youth, women and decision makers of which has more partners and more actors, strengthen democratic participation and structure, provide youth and women participation to sustainable development so realize youth and women attendance to all parts of life (social, cultural and economic), improve sense of belonging to the city and participating in the city life, assure youth and women taking an active role in the management of the quality and livable city, bring solutions to the problems of youth and women. We have been organizing variety of training courses, seminars, international exchange projects in order to make people to be ‘an actor’ in the future.

Type of Work: Volunteers will work in the ‘refugee camp’ of Diyarbakir where only ‘Yazidi refugees’ who came from Sinjar, Iraq after facing attack from ISIL. There are approximately 4.000 refugees and around 1.500 of them are children. As Youth and Change Association, we are planning to organize 10 days theatre, paint and photography workshops with children. The camp will be at the beginning of November (before the hard winter start) and we also would expect from the volunteers to organize an exhibition in Italy in order to draw attention on the refugees’ situation in Kurdistan and might find some supports for them before the winter.

Study Theme: Before working with the refugees, volunteers will be informed about the region, how to work with children, background of the refugee children, about city and region etc.

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in the guest house of our association and they will be driven to the camp every day. There are 4 bathrooms in the guest house and volunteers will stay in the separate rooms. The guest house is in the old town of Diyarbakir and quite close to the city center.

Language: English

Requirements: Volunteers who have experiences of working with children and also ability of painting and taking professional photos. However, it would be also nice some volunteers who have organizing experiences and skills.

Extra Costs: 250.00 Euro

Approximate Location: Diyarbakir