Camp online: crea contingut sobre el sufragi femení a la Viquipèdia

Camp online: crea contingut sobre el sufragi femení a la Viquipèdia

SCI Suïssa organitza un camp online que consistirà en buscar informació sobre el sufragi femení i el feminisme, crear-ne entrades a la Viquipèdia i millorar les que ja hi ha. De l’1 al 7 de febrer!

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya

Description: Throughout the 19th and 20th century, women around the world have fought for their right to participate in elections. Women in Switzerland were the last in Western Europe, gaining suffrage on 7 February 1971, 50 years ago. And still today, women in some parts of the world are not able to vote, even when men are. In this online camp, which is part of the bigger “Wikipedia for Peace” project and a cooperation between SCI and Wikimedia Switzerland, you will get to know Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. You will also learn about the feminist movement and inspiring activists within it!

Type of Work: Doing research for Wikipedia articles online about women‘s suffrage and feminism, writing new articles and improving existing ones. The project organizers will prepare a list of articles around people and topics that are related to camp topic. Every day (from the 1st to the 7th of February) we have ca. 3 hours in the afternoon (Central European Time) where we gather in Zoom. And in the mornings you can work individually or in small groups. You don’t have to have knowledge on Wikipedia already.

Study Theme: There will be a big emphasis on studying in this camp. We will learn how to write good Wikipedia articles. We will learn about the principles behind Wikimedia projects as well as free licences/open content philosophy in general. We will learn about the history of women‘s suffrage and feminism. We will get to know more about amazing people that fought or are fighting for women‘s suffrage – through our own research, through exchange with other participants and through external inputs.

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