Viu un #HivernDeCamps!

Viu un #HivernDeCamps!

Com ja sabreu, hi ha centenars de projectes de voluntariat de curta durada a tot el món durant tot l’any, també a l’hivern! No espereu fins l’estiu per formar-ne part i viviu un #HivernDeCamps! Aquí fem un recull d’alguns dels projectes disponibles ara mateix, però per veure’ls tots podeu consultar el CERCADOR DE CAMPS. Podreu utilitzar els filtres de dates, països i temàtiques.

*Si encara no saps què és un camp i com inscriure’t pots llegir totes les condicions i passos a seguir per inscriure’t aquí.


blankRÚSSIA: Casal d’infants (2 – 8 de gener 2020)

Description: This winter camp for local kids take place every year located within 40 km from the city in the middle of the pine forest. International volunteers work together with local volunteers as counselors and organize cultural and educational activities for the participants (local school kids – aged 7-17).

Type of Work: The volunteers are asked to make intercultural and educational workshops (about the volunteers’ native countries, ecology, water resources, human rights, antiracism, etc) and the volunteers will be teaching foreign languages to the participants (in the form of playing games, singing songs or improve their language skills through discussions). The volunteer will organize some sport activities, strategic games, shows and handycrafts.


estonia workamp fire eventESTÒNIA: Vikings Village and Fire Event (23 de febrer – 2 de març 2020)

Description: A real Vikings Village ( lies about 40 km outside of Estonian capital Tallinn. Guests and families can visit it and spend time there, having a variety of activities such as arrow shooting, strong hold fights, handicraft workshops, fight and competition events and much more. Village needs constant attention and work to keep it ready for visitors and to develop further. Both in summer and winter there are many tasks to be done and volunteers are invited to help these works.Furthermore, good friends of the Village are Fire Artists community, who organize their trainings and events there. Fire Artists Association was founded to raise awareness of Fire arts, to offer everyone a possibility to learn and perform with any kind or type of Fire Arts. They also promote standards of Fire safety for Fire artists and cooperate with local rescue department. Fire Artists Association will have a little Festival in Vikings Village this winter. To run it they need some construction and preparation help. So, they invite international volunteers to help it out. This camp is for people who want to try real Estonian winter, do not afraid of hard work and wants to feel like a real Viking

Type of Work: Most of the work will be done in Vikings Village and it will be outdoors. The work involves, for example, carrying and chopping wood, cleaning wood, some construction and deconstruction works and other tasks around the Village. Some help will be needed also for the Fire Artists event, that takes place during the camp. i such as constructing the stage, carrying things to the event area, cleaning area, set up tents and the whole event area, etc. Be prepared for low winter temperatures outside and being outdoors a lot.


blankALEMANYA: Berlin Spring: Winter Sleep Is Over-Wake Up (6 – 17 d’abril 2020)

Description: The VJF (Union of Young Volunteers) was founded in March 1990 and is an officially recognised non-profit association for organising youth works, with the aim to expand the idea of international voluntary movements.The Association organises international youth meetings with short-term projects (workcamps) and long-term projects (European Solidarity Corps, weltwaerts) and takes part in the responsibility considering the engagement in the Voluntary Ecological Year within a period of one year.Every year we organise around 30-35 international workcamps and bilateral projects in Germany.More to that, the VJF covers a project and meeting place/ seminar centre in the outskirts of Berlin, which is used for our own or partners seminars and workshops, as accommodation for different groups of young people and a sort of holiday resort for school classes. This is where this workcamp will be accomodatet and do their work.

Type of Work: During this camp we need to prepare our centre for the next workcamp season. The centre needs cleaning works like raking dead leaves, cleaning the yard or piling up the leaves.You will need waterproof clothes in case of bad weather. Other small tasks during the camp may include maintaining or renovation works inside and outside.

Per els següents camps és necessari tenir experiència prèvia en camps de treball i tenir més de 20 anys. Es farà una entrevista prèvia abans d’acceptar les voluntàries:

blankXILE: Fira Walüng, Mercat de Kurarewe (13 de gener – 2 de febrer 2020)

Description: La “Comunidad Feria Walung de Kurarewe” compuesta en su mayoría por mujeres mapuches, pequeños productores y artesanos en la Araucanía (sur de Chile) persigue generar una economía propia, solidaria y en armonía con el medioambiente, dando vida al Küme Mongen (Buen vivir), valorando el conocimiento ancestral a través del cultivo de productos originarios y su transformación (piñones de la Araucaria, frutos del bosque, quinoa), la producción de artesanías, así como a los portadores de saberes culinarios y curativos y los artistas, propiciando una economía local y circular. Desde el 2005 desarrolla talleres de agroecología, trafkintu (intercambios) de semillas, ferias estacionales de productores y artesanos, trawun (encuentros) sobre el cuidado del territorio y otras actividades.

Type of Work: El evento anual más importante para la comunidad es la Feria Walung (tiempo de cosecha) que se realiza entre el 11 de enero y el 26 de febrero. Todos trabajan para la realización de esta feria, generando un ambiente especial de convivencia, comunidad, de encuentro y discusión sobre temáticas sociales y económicas. Los objetivos son: 1.Ayudar a la organización de los espacios y la construcción de estructuras, a la limpieza del lugar y montaje de stand.2.Ayuda a la transformación de productos típicos de la zona (verduras, mermeladas, piñones, etc) destinados a venta 3.Promoción y divulgación de la feria y de la cultura mapuche. Los y las participantes ayudarán a las familias que forman parte de la Walüng en la feria y en las casas (huerta,animales, etiquetado de productos…).

blankVIETNAM: Organic Farming (13 – 20 de gener 2020)

Description: The aim of the program is to provide Friendly environment for Volunteer and having the chance for cultural exchange with local people while learning about techniques to operate a professional organic farm.

Type of Work: Volunteers will be responsible for completing tasks assigned by the manager of the farm. The general tasks would be: Seeding the new vegetable on the farm, spraying the farm with special kind of water, weeding the un-useful weed, plan the soil to expand the farm, creating new vegetable beds


blankTAILÀNDIA: Escola Ban Prang Mu  (12 – 25 de gener 2020)

Description: Ban Prang Mu School is a very small school in Ban Prang Mu sub-district, Phatthalung province, Southern Thailand. The school director, who shares our values, would like to welcome volunteers, to improve English skills for students to be able to communicate in this language. Volunteers can help to organize English lessons or other fun activities with the 91 students from kindergarten to Grade 6 (6-12 years old) during these 2 weeks. The English skills of the students are very poor. They are not familiar with foreigners. You can experience the local way of life, exchange with other volunteers, villagers and support the children education.

Type of Work: give non-formal English classes and other fun activities with the students, create teaching materials for teacher and kids, activities with villagers: cleaning the temple area, sports activities, homemade cooking dessert.

INDONÈSIA: Mangkang Enviromental Camp (10 – 19 de febrer 2020)manglars indonesia

Description: Mangkang is a fisher and farmer village located in west Semarang. This project has become annually and continuously project organized by IIWC in answering the needs of preserving the coastal side of North Java Sea in Mangkang. About 1,1 km costal line in Mangkang area is now in danger due to the abrasion of the sea, cutting mangrove by local people and heavy force from the river flows. Before, many kinds of fish and shrimps are living there, but now since the condition of the mangrove forest is getting worse, it is quitedifficult to find the species anymore. Fisherman also needs to go further to the ocean to fish and it means much work they need to do to earn money. Mangkang is the project site for IIWC World Tanabata Action of CCIVS UNESCO and Climate4Peace of SCI International.

Type of Work: Planting mangrove and other trees in beach, environment education, garbage management, renovation of mangrove garden, discussion to local people and local children, some physical activity to support garbage management program in this are, school visits for environment education, green campaign in city center, and manage the mangrove fruits to be snacks or foods and promote it.

blankJAPÓ: Yunodake 1 (25 de febrer – 5 de març 2020)

Description: This project has been organized together with Iwaki no Mori ni Shitashimukai (IMS) since 2016. IMS started on October 3, 2001, at Mt. Yunodake in Iwaki city. IMS is an NPO that maintaining forests and organizing activities there for kids. They aim to revive local woods by the hand of citizens, and they hope the forests are used by citizens safely and freely. There are 4 groups in IMS, such as maintaining forests group, agriculture group, wood handicraft group, planning for kids group, and volunteers join there works during the workcamp. Also, volunteers infuse with energy by working with IMS, which faces the aging of the members.

Type of Work: 1. Maintain abandoned chestnut forest.2. Maintain footpath we call Yunodake nature walking course. IMS organizes the nature tour and nature there.

blankAUSTRÀLIA: Goulburn Show (29 de febrer – 12 de març 2020)

Description: The Goulburn Agricultural, Pastoral and Horticultural Society began in 1880. They organise the Goulburn Show each year, showcasing the very best of agricultural produce and related activities. Goulburn Show is one of the largest community events in the region.

Type of Work: For the volunteers it will be fun and rewarding to work with local community-minded people. The Show will take place on 7th and 8th March. You will work behind the scenes helping to put the Goulburn Show together, setting up infrastructure for the show and packing away afterwards. The work will be approximately 6-7 hrs a day with tasks as required, mostly physical with some moderate lifting. During the show, you will help for a few hours to run an information stall about international volunteering and sustainability. Your ideas welcome for this.

bosc camp treball tailandiaTAILÀNDIA: Kuan khreng (1 – 10 de març 2020)

Description: Volunteers will join hands with local communities of South Thailand to raise awareness about the rich ecosystem of tropical peat swamp. This event is organized after the big fire of July-Aug 2019 that damaged an important part of the swamp by two local organizations “Withee Tai” community and “Kon Rak Tin” (=People love the local).

Type of Work: The activities of the workcamp will be the following: • Learning about the swamp ecosystem through walking and animal/tree watching; • Learning and practicing local crafts from the wisdom of villagers using raw materials: mattresses, bags, fishing tools, natural straws, etc. • Making signs and other awareness-related art and exhibiting it in a 1-day installation; • Practicing healthy and sustainable daily lifestyle, planting trees.


blankHONG KONG: Capacity Building and Human Library (12 – 22 de març 2020)

Description: SCI Hong Kong is working with seven secondary schools in Hong Kong on a Global Education project. We aim to improve global understanding, creativity and life enrichment of young people. We are organizing a capacity building training for young people. We need volunteers to help us carry out that training. The seminar will empower youth capacity in creativity, social cohesion, leadership and provide them a vision for the future.

Type of Work: The program highlight is two residential training programs lasting three-days-two-nights for 25 students each. Non-formal education methods are used alongside various activities including human library, invisible theater, and more, in these workshops. Volunteers will assist in running the program with such as preparation of food and workshops. During the program volunteers will also visit two schools to conduct a Human Library in which volunteers will become a human book to share their stories.

blankJAPÓ: Minamata – Kumamoto (14-29 de març)

Description: This project has been organized together with Minamata International Friendship Association (MIFA) since 1992. Though there was a big tragedy of public pollution 40 years ago, its completely safe now and Minamata is pioneering to be ecological town by distinguishing garbage into 21 categories, etc. The workcamps have been creating a forest on the reclaimed land to bear new lives as a symbol of revival, with strong wish of the patients as well as doing various community works to activate local communities.

Type of Work: Volunteers will mainly work for renovation of the bamboo gate in Eco House and cutting bamboos, making bamboo charcoals. Volunteers also join and support international festival in Minamata. Volunteers will cook your international dishes by ourselves in this event. Volunteers will sell that dishes to local people and enhance the mood in this event etc.


noia treballant en un hortSUDÀFRICA: SAVWA Food Gardening Project (16-30 de març 2020)

Description: The South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association (SAVWA) Food Gardening Project is a community lead innovative to encourage young people to promote low environmental impact living and eco-friendly practices. The emphasis is on the development of and to practice self-sustaining environmental awareness for climate change and sustainable living. We have seen the impact we have had on the environment and what better ways to be able to live sustainable.

Type of Work: Volunteers will have an opportunity to get hands on training from relevant training personnel from Department of Agriculture and also some community based organisations working with the people.

We will have voluntary work at a informal settlement where various activities will be conducted. Volunteers are encouraged to bring an open mind as we will have various activities to keep them busy for the work camp period.


blankTUNÍSIA: Theater Festival (18-26 de març 2020)

Description: Volontariat sans Frontières is an organization founded in 2013 with 3 main goals: youth volunteer involvement, oasis protection, local savoir-faire and traditions preservation thanks to women employment.

  • Theater Festival: It has existed since 2013. It is a festival in honor of Ali Lessouad, a theater teacher who brought the theater to Chenini. He did a lot for the city but died recently. This is why the festival bears its name. Each year, there is a theme (that of this year is not yet revealed). The festival attracts a lot of spectators. Many pieces are in competition. They are mainly companies of adults, there is also a room for children. The exact program has not yet been established.

Type of Work: Giving flyers and doing communication activities before the festival – Theater and diverse art workshop participation during the festival – Speaker / activity leader during the festival.


EUA: Wake Up the Earth (18 d’abril – 6 de maig 2020)

Description: Spontaneous Celebrations is a festival and community arts organization in Boston, Massachusetts committed to art, activism, community, and the environment. Our organization runs two large festivals a year. Spontaneous Celebrations has developed a spirited, successful, and unique approach to community building.


Type of Work: Description: Wake Up the Earth Festival is our biggest festival which takes place on the first Saturday of May every year. This year will be the 42nd festival. The original festival was to celebrate the stopping of a highway being built through our section of Boston. Since then, the festival has raised awareness about the environment, labor issues and other political issues. The volunteers will join the festival committee to organize, publicize and engage the community in the event. They will help prepare signs, banners, costumes, decorations, kids’ activities, etc. They will run workshops for children to prepare costumes and props for the parade that starts the festival. Volunteers will help during the event with logistics, set-up, and general support. After the event, the volunteer.

blankMONGÒLIA: Projecte de reforestació (26 abril – 9 de maig 2020)

Description: Organized together with NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange) and supported by Greening Asia fund since 2002. The forests problem is serious also in Mongolia. Before 1990, the forests are covered 10% of land, but 7% today. It’s caused by cutting trees without any controls, forest fire and global warming. Other side it takes a long time to grow trees in Mongolia and May and middle of October is the only seasons to plant trees in Mongolia.

Type of Work: We will plant trees in Mongolian workCamps Exchange`s camp and some other places.
This is the only season in Mongolia to plant trees. There are increasing activities by some organizations to plant trees but it takes a hundred or more years to be grown, so we should also join this movement by global power! Part of Greening Asia.


PALESTINA: What you plant, you harvest (11-21 de maig)blank

Description: The Tent of Nations farm seeks to bring people of various cultures and countries together to build a bridge between people and land. The vision of The Tent of Nations is to prepare people to make a positive contribution to their future and society through the values of understanding and respect. This is to be achieved through education-awareness campaigns, youth empowerment, and work camps. The Tent of Nations Farm is 7 kilometers away to the south west of Bethlehem near the village of Nahalin. This land is still under threat of confiscation and we are still in the Israeli courts defending the farm for 29 years without giving up. Still we believe in justice and our response to the unjust situation is in a nonviolent and creative way under the slogan “We refuse to be enemies”.

Type of Work: During the 10 days working camp volunteers will help in collecting the Wheat, putting it in a space to dry and use it later as food for animals. Also, volunteers are asked to do some weeding and soften the ground around the trees in order to keep the humidity in the ground. This will help the tree to grow.