Climate and migrations peaceweek: connecting the dots

Climate and migrations peaceweek: connecting the dots

By Alex, Laura, Elise and Timo

Last week, the Peaceweek was back at SCI Catalunya! It was an extraordinary gathering of international young minds eager to delve into global issues. The sessions covered a mixture of themes, focusing on our local contexts, (neo)colonialism, capitalism, climate debt, and narratives of climate migration.

As we navigated through these complex topics, our conversations led to connecting the dots between the issues. From the start, the goal was not just to understand the problems individually but to see the interconnections shaping our world. Together, we sought systemic and holistic solutions to these structural challenges.

Moreover, the city of Barcelona became a source of inspiration: our daily lunches were shared at the occupied Àgora Juan Andrés Benítez, a symbol of resistance and communal solidarity. We visited Can Masdeu, a squat nestled in the mountains of Collserola, where sufficiency and community activism thrive. A tour through the barri Raval provided insights into its ties with migrants, and lastly, a visit to Can Batlló, a former industrial complex reclaimed by the local community, showcased the power of grassroots initiatives.

The last two days were devoted to the transformative tools of theatre and artivism. Stepping out of our comfort zones, we used these tools to reflect on all the knowledge acquired throughout the week. The aim was not just to be passive recipients of information but active participants in the creation. We thought about how to transplant the insights gained back into our local contexts, aiming to sow the seeds of change in our communities.

Amidst the profound discussions, what stood out were the connections made and all the personalities that came together during this week. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives converged into new understandings, fostering a sense of unity in our shared commitment to positive change.

As the Peaceweek drew to a close, we dispersed, carrying with us not just the memories of a captivating week but hopefully also with the seeds of transformation. The week was therefore not just an intellectual exercise; it was showing the power of collective action, shared learning, and the belief that, together, we can strive towards a more equitable world.