Més de 500 camps de voluntariat disponibles!

Més de 500 camps de voluntariat disponibles!

Centenars de camps de de treball internacionals ja estan disponibles a la nostra base de dades! Aquí destaquem alguns en diferents zones geogràfiques!

Com ja sabreu, hi ha centenars de projectes de voluntariat de curta durada a tot el món durant tot l'any! Aquí fem un recull d'alguns dels projectes disponibles ara mateix, però per veure'ls tot podeu consultar el CERCADOR DE CAMPSSi encara no saps què és un camp i com inscriure't pots llegir totes les condicions i passos a seguir per inscriure't aquí. O bé venir a alguna de les xerrades informatives. Consulta el calendari!


Summer Camp-Kuxul Lum 1 (Teopisca- Chiapas) (14.7.2018 – 27.07.2018)

Since 5 years ago, Nataté International Volunteer make a call to interested volunteers to participate in our summer camp where, educational and recreational dynamics are fundamental axis of the project. The camp is located in the community of San José Ocotal, in the town of Teopisca, where most of the children do not have access to formal education, and that often help their families make small trading or domestic activities. The main objective of this camp is to give these children a chance to learn and have fun in a multicultural environment. Més info


„So that Never Happens, what Happened at that Time” (Buchholz) (3.08.2018 – 22.08.2018)

In 1945 the recreation centre “Heideruh“ was built by antifascists to support the victims of the Nazi regime and children liberated from the concentration camps of Bergen-Belsen and Neuengamme. After gruesome years of fascist dictatorship, relatives, survivors and friends built a place of refuge amidst woodland where they could regain strength to continue their fight for a better world. Until today, Heideruh is a recreation area for antifascists. Very often like-minded people from different generations meet up there. Furthermore, 9 asylum seekers from North Sudan and Syria are accommodated and supported in Heideruh, within a nice and friendly environment. Now, the place is to be made more attractive to younger generations, preparing for a time without contemporary witnesses. Més info

Encounter with Animals and Sustainable Agriculture (Alfter) (18.06.2018 – 03.07.2018)

Around the year, school classes, children's groups and families come to the ‘Stallgespräch’, an -encounter and educational project – set on a farm with animals, garden and fields to work there. By feeding the animals and observing them, knowledge and skills in dealing with different species of animals are learned. In doing so, the visitors should develop respect towards these living beings. The animals of the project are carefully accustomed to the encounter with the people and deployed within their possibilities and abilities. The project also offers the visitors the opportunity to plant, harvest and cook their own food and thus contributes to raise awar-ness of sustainable agrarian- and food culture as well as the appreciation of healthy food. Més info


Wafest I Festival of Elements (Nizhny Novgorod) (25.07.2018 – 07.08.2018)

WAFEst is a Water-Air-Fire-Earth-Festival, which will take place from 1st to 5th of August 2018 at the Gorky Reservoir in the Nizhny Novgorod region. For seven years, this festival unites all those who are inspired by the ideas of active life and creativity, who find themselves in modern art and sports, in the diversity of youth positive subcultures and the values of a healthy lifestyle. Main theme of the event this year is Inspiration . The element of Water will bring classes in Windsurfing and kite surfing, romantic boat trips and extreme fly-surf. Thanks to the element of Air guests and participants will enjoy music, rhythms, sounds of nature which intertwine in the breath of the forest: open-air concerts, jam-sessions and live shows with folk and ethnic music, reggae, funk and boogie-woogie. Fire will show its beauty in the hands of true professionals as the festival brings together the best artists of the fire-show from different parts of Russia and the CIS countries. The element of Earth stands for more than 20 creative spaces, each with its own unique atmosphere: open workshops, yoga classes, theater, children playgrounds and many others. This year, WAFEst will also host a large interregional hand-made fair, interesting cafes, restaurants, tea and coffee houses which will serve unusual author s food and delightful beverages. WAFEst 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTtKuwmlKWo 
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Tom Sawyer Fest (Samara) (06.08.2018 – 19.08.2018)

Everyone who loves the main hero of Mark Twain s book for sure remember how Tom Sawyer was painting the fence. This scene formed the basis of the Tom Sawyer fest i this non-profit festival brings together people who wants to make their cities better and move on from words to work, who pay attention to the value of historic environment and prefer to unite locals in an active community. All restoration and reconstruction activities of historical buildings during the festival are made by volunteers only with help from sponsors and fundraising. This event is a unique opportunity to see the beauty of old Russian architecture and join local community working with them hand in hand. Come on! Help with restoration of wooden buildings of the XIX-early XX centuries i cleaning of facades, primer, painting. Més info


Grapes & Figs Harvest  (Bethlehem) (21.08.2018 – 06.09.2018)

The Tent of Nations farm seeks to bring people of various cultures and countries together to build a bridge between people and land. The vision of The Tent of Nations is to prepare people to make a positive contribution to their future and society through the values of understanding and respect. This is to be achieved through education-awareness campaigns, youth empowerment, and work camps. The Tent of Nations Farm is located south west of Bethlehem near the village of Nahalin. This land is still under threat of confiscation and we are still in the Israeli courts defending the farm since 26 years without giving up. Still we believe in justice and our response to the unjust situation is in a nonviolent and creative way under the slogan "We refuse to be enemies". Més info

Taking You Forward (03.09.2018 – 16.09.2018)

The Camp will offer the opportunity for the international volunteers to give training workshops on capacity building for the Palestinian students. In addition, the camp includes visits to the different Palestinian associations, cities, refugee camps, villages and the desert. The program also includes some lectures about different fields and issues of the Middle East conflict. For more info, kindly click here: http://youth.najah.edu/workcamps/this-years-camps/taking-you-forward/ 
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Mangrove for Java Pekalongan (Pekalongan City, Central Java) (24.07.2018 – 06.08.2018)

Mangrove for Java is a project targeting endangers villages or area located in coastal cities and regencies in Java Island. This project is a sustainable project organized by GREAT in cooperation with local fisher and farmer communities since 2015 to answering the needs of preserving the coastal side of Java Island. Java coastal area is one of the directed affected by global climate change among many of islands in the world. The project is preserving natural diversity and sea shore from the erosion because of significantly mangrove cutting in the 70’s-80s along with strong waves from the ocean.

Previous workcamps Mangrove for Java Pekalongan can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzFwrhYXdRg

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Construction of a Reception Centre for Young people with Familial Difficulties (Kpalimè) (28.07.2018 – 17.08.2018)

In order to respond better to the difficulties of the deprived and marginalized population and in sight of the socio-economic situation, the younger population of the municipality of Kpalimé is confronted to, the NGO ASTOVOT decided to build a Youth Centre. The Centre will ensure an integral development of these young people by giving them the opportunity to continue their education in the best conditions. This camp is the result of the work initiated in July 2015 by other volunteers who saw the need for this centre. For this summer, activities planned on the site will finish the building of the first dormitory and begin the second one. Més info


Maki 1 (Nagano) (23.05.2018 – 03.06.2018)

This workcamp has been organized together with Maki Farm of Kyodo Gakusha (KG) since 2000. KG is a NPO running 5 organic farming communities in Japan where people with various backgrounds such as mentally disadvantaged, those who want to learn farming, etc. in order to change our society from competitive to cooperative. Maki Farm has 5-10 members and is located in a very isolated area (not accessible for cars and we have to walk 4 km in the mountains), so once it became an abandon village in 1970s. Més info


Entertainment in Asylum Seekers Centre in Natoye (02.07.2018 – 14.07.2018)

The Red-Cross center of Natoye « Le Relais du Monde » is an open center for asylum-seekers of various origins. The residents of the center benefit from social and material assistance and medical care during the waiting period of their application for asylum (in order to be recognized as a refugee). The center has the capacity to host up to 250 people, but following a decrease in the flow of migrants at the global and European level and the increasingly restrictive migration policies, the capacity of the center has been reduced. Today the center welcomes 198 people. The majority of them are families but also isolated men. The center welcomes also a few unaccompanied minors and isolated women. Residents mainly come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kirghizstan, Syria but also Kosovo and Guinea. Més info