Coordina un camp de treball al territori!

Coordina un camp de treball al territori!

Has fet un camp de voluntariat amb l’SCI? Aquest any tens l’oportunitat de coordinar-ne un a Catalunya, al país valencià o les illes balears!

Si ja has participat d’un camp de treball i vols viure una nova experiència intercultural, però sense anar massa lluny, ara en pots coordinar un! Pots participar d’algun dels camps que organitzem al territori (Catalunya, País Valencià o Illes Balears) assumint la figura de coordinador/a d’un grup de voluntaris i voluntàries d’arreu del món.

Només cal que tinguis experiència en camps de treball o grups interculturals, bon nivell d’anglès i ganes de participar-hi! Les tasques de la persona coordinadora són:
– Fer d’enllaç i vetllar per la bona comunicació entre el grup i l’entitat promotora.
– La gestió del temps, l’espai de treball i les estones de lleure, tot facilitant l’autogestió del grup i el bon funcionament del camp.
– La persona coordinadora és voluntària, i per tant, s’espera que tot el grup doni suport en aquesta coordinació.

Per poder fer de coordinador/a cal participar de la formació del 25 i 26 de maig que tindrà lloc a Arenys de Mar. Aquí pots trobar més informació sobre la formació.

Si estàs interessat/ada, envia un correu a el més aviat possible! A continuació pots veure alguns dels que tenim previstos per aquest 2019:

Archeology in the island of Mallorca (Son Servera)
Del 2 al 15 de juny i del 14 al 27 de juny
Description: Volunteers will participate in an archaeological dig which forms part of a wider project aiming to use archaeology and local history to preserve and promote heritage and culture to the local community and to international volunteers.
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Agroecology and enviornmental education in the Valley of the river Cérvol (Vallibona- Castelló)
Del 10 al 21 de juny
Description: La Pastora is a cooperative work project that focuses its activity on environmental education, ecotourism and rural development.

Recovery of historical memory through mural painting and signage with ceramics (Hostalric)
Del 22 de juny al 7 de juliol
Description: The workcamp will focus on the recovery of the historical memory of the people through the creation a mural and ceramic plates which will represent parts of Hostalric’s history.

Requesens: Caprice or Castle?
Del 2 al 16 de juliol
Description: We want to carry out this volunteer workcamp to support the rehabilitation of the Castle of Requesens and highlight the historical significance of the area.
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Recovery of wells and production of new troughs of birds and animals (Castelldans)
Del 8 al 16 de juliol
Description: The Fabrica de Can Tusell is a non-profit organization that works 25 years in the field of education providing recreational activities for children and youth. In the communitarian land of the Comanglora we organize summercamps and weekend excursions. The tasks that will be done aim to improve the natural space of Comanglora by recovering the paths and the wells and by taking care of the fauna.

Action for the nature and landscape conservation in the Garrotxa Natural Park and Bosc de Tosca (Olot)
Del 19 de juliol a l’1 d’agost
Description: ANEGx (Naturalism association La Garrotxa) has 3 main areas of work: naturalism, environmentalism and environmental education. Mas Pujou is an association dedicated to discovering the natural, cultural and social heritage of its surroundings. It is a farmhouse fully equipped to accommodate groups and individuals.

Open doors, open minds
Del 31 de juliol al 10 d’agost
Description: This workcamp will be held on a young prisoner’s center. These young adults are between 18 and 25 years old. They are open, motivated and every day they’re developing their personal, social and professional skills. Having international volunteers working directly with them has mutual benefits. From one side, beneficiares enjoy meeting new people, get heard, share their skills and talents. From the other side, volunteers have the oppportunity to question some of their stereotypes, be critical about the justice system and power structures.

Incredible Sustainable Fair – Can Pipirimosca
Del 1 al 14 d’agost
Description: Can Pipirimosca is a permaculture project that is focused on supporting a change towards a more sustainable society by using local resources, reducing waste and living a more simply lifestyle. It started twenty years ago and on the last three years it has promoted an active change in town by starting the transition town movement and a urban garden. The workcamp will give support to the Incredible Sustainable Fair, which is organized in the urban garden at the same time that Firagost, a big consumerism fair, is happening.
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The iMAGInada – Space for freedom of expression
Del 5 al 14 d’agost
Description: The iMAGInada is a festival promoted by a sociocultural association formed by young people with a common concern: to offer an alternative to the current economic, social cultural model through the creation of spaces for exchange, empowerment, participation and self-sustainability in the framework of the annual festivities of the city.

Conservation of ancient paths and discovery of an unusual valley in the Pyrenees (Llagunes)
Del 30 de setembre al 10 d’octubre
Description: The purpose of this workcamp is to recover and maintain the ancient paths of la Vall de Siarb, a particular and interesting valley in the heart of the Pyrenees. These paths were used during many centuries until 1960-70. They represent a huge heritage and we want to keep all of them in the valley as a museum.

Solidarity Economy Fair (Barcelona)
Del 21 al 29 d’octubre
Description: Organized by XES (Catalonian Network of Solidarity Economy), the aim of this workcamp is to promote Solidarity Economy, an alternative, strongly cooperative, economy focused on people’s needs.