Coordina un camp de voluntariat aquest estiu!

Coordina un camp de voluntariat aquest estiu!
Has fet un camp de voluntariat amb l'SCI? Aquest any tens l'oportunitat de coordinar-ne un al territori! 
Si ja has participat d'un camp de treball i vols viure una nova experiència intercultural ara en pots coordinar un! Pots participar d'algun dels camps que organitzem al territori (Catalunya, País Valencià o Illes Balears) assumint la figura de coordinador/a d'un grup de voluntaris i voluntàries d'arreu del món.
Només cal que tinguis experiència en camps de voluntariat, bon nivell d'anglès i ganes de participar-hi! Les tasques de la persona coordinadora són:

– Vetllar per la bona comunicació entre el grup i l'entitat promotora,
– La gestió del temps, l'espai de treball i les estones de lleure, tot facilitant l'autogestió del grup i el bon funcionament del camp.
– La persona coordinadora és una voluntària més, i per tant, s'espera que tot el grup doni suport en aquesta coordinació.

Per poder fer de coordinador/a cal participar de la formació del 20 i 21 de maig que tindrà lloc a Arenys de Mar. Aquí pots trobar més informació sobre la formació.

Aquí pots consultar els camps que van tenir lloc durant el 2016. I a continuació pots veure alguns dels que tenim previstos per aquest 2017:

Villagers and Local Culture Connected
del 17 de juny a l'11 de juliol a Hostalric
Description: Hostalric is a village in Catalonia with around 4000 residents. This work camp was held in 2015 and it was a success. It was also in 2016 and so it will happen again in 2017 aiming at the research, dissemination, preservation of the natural and historic heritage; intercultural exchange between the volunteers and villagers; creating awareness for local residents and neighbours about how important it is to value cultural heritage and also get to know volunteers from all over the world.

Type of Work: The volunteers will work on the cleaning up of a castle: two rooms, a little water cistern and an exploratory drilling sample.

(More Than A) Reggae Festival
Del 10 al 17 de juliol a Vilanova i la Geltrú
Description: Nowa Reggae is a festival of Jamaican music and cultural and sporting activities held during the month of July in Vilanova i la Geltrú in several areas of the city. The Nowa Reggae Festival is unique due to its size and the location of its concerts. It has become a leading benchmark in Catalonia and considered one of the best in the rest of the country thanks to the wide range of activities it offers, the combination of Jamaican musical styles, and the exceptional location where it takes place: in a cottage on the beach 45 km from Barcelona.

Type of Work: Volunteers will assist in the task of assembling the festival and working shifts at the bars or selling tickets. They will also visit different associations in the city and do activities related to Vilanova and its organizations.

Working Together for Sustainable Lifestyle 
Del 21 de juliol al 14 d'agost a Valls
Description: Can Pipirimosca is a non profit project where agriculture, far from being the main objective, is a resource to support activism for creating sustainable alternatives for the society.. Can Pipi functions as a self-sufficient farm where sharing, multiculturalism, coexistence, respect for the environment, personal growth and education are the ultimate goals. We welcome all volunteers who are open to experience an alternative way of life of sustainability and cultural exchange, and are motivated to learn and share with others.

Type of Work: The tasks will be differents such as agricultural work, recycling, clearing and cleaning areas with the aim to create space and develop the permaculture designe of the area. The work at Can Pipi will involve physical labor, such as construction and agriculture.

Preserving nature in Santa Coloma de Queralt
Del 6 al 20 d'agost a Santa Coloma de Queralt
Description: 'Santa Coloma in Transition' is an ecological initiative which works to promote and develop sustainable living as part of the "transitions towns" movement. The core values of the project are cooperation, sustainability, self-sufficiency, ecology and responsibility. The workcamp will focus on cleaning around the Gaià river.

Type of Work: Volunteer tasks include cleaning and clearing the area and path around Gaià river in Santa Coloma de Queralt, which has historical meaning for the village.

iMAGIne: Festival for Freedom of Expression
Del 6 al 17 d'agost
Description: The iMAGInada is a self-sustaining festival promoted by a cultural association formed by young people with a concern: to offer an alternative to the current economic, social and cultural model through the creation of spaces for exchange, empowerment, participation, dynamic and self-sustainability in the framework of the annual festivities of the city. For four days, the iMAGInada is a community initiative that offers cultural and artistic programming. It becomes a critical and creative space around: the dissemination of artists and local associative movements, exchange of knowledge, social inclusion, reflection and individual growth, intercultural contact and recreation conscious.
You can take a look at a video of iMAGInada in 2014:

Type of Work: Volunteers will help in tasks related to preparations and logistics for the festival: assembling and dismantling of the spaces and infraestructure, setting of space, activities for the children, preparing the social activities (such as forums, world dinners, etc), supporting the kitchen and the bar of the festival and other tasks helping the organization.

Recovering the natural environment in Vilanova i la Geltrú
Del 19 al 3 de setembre a Vilanova i la Geltrú
Description: The aim of the project is to develop the natural environment of Vilanova i la Geltrú and to promote heritage and culture to the local community and to international volunteers. The core values of the project are cooperation, sustainability, ecology and responsability.

Type of Work: Recovery of dry stone walls, remove invasive plants, conservation and repair of architectural elements, make the inventory of the path, habilitation and signage of the path, information and promotion tasks.

Archeology in Mallorca: Between Old and New!
De l'1 al 14 d'octubre a Mallorca
Description: Volunteers will participate in an archaeological dig which forms part of a wider project aiming to use archaeology and local history to preserve and promote heritage and culture to the local community and to international volunteers.

Type of Work: Work involves excavating an archaeological dig site, cleaning the ruins, facilitating access to the site by clearing land and making paths (by moving rocks, cutting bushes, etc). All work will be done under the supervision of qualified archaeologists.

Fair of Solidarity Economy
Del 17 al 24 d'octubre a Barcelona
Description: Organized by XES (Catalan Network of Solidarity Economy), the aim of this workcamp is to promote and teach about Solidarity Economy, an alternative, strongly cooperative, economy in service of people. FESC is a fair that will celebrate its 6th anniversary this year, and which aims to show, in a same space, a good number of business' and association's projects relying on economic values different from capitalism.

Type of Work: Volunteers will help in tasks related to preparations and logistics for the event: assembling and dismantling of stands and functional infrastructure, distribution of promotional materials, attention and information to visitors, other tasks helping the organization and, occasionally, activities with children and youngsters.