De l’acció a la visió! Formació sobre creació audiovisual!

De l’acció a la visió! Formació sobre creació audiovisual!

El seminari tindrà lloc del 10 al 16 de Juny a Alsótold, Hungria.

By the end of this media workshop, participants will be able to create compelling, youthful, energetic and authentic audio-visual materials for communication about their activities. Their image literacy will be boosted, their understanding of the workflow of producing audio/visual materials richer and deeper than at the outset. They will have had enjoyed learning together and, as individual learners, they will have had significant insights about communication using media.

• To learn how to construct a basic message using image, sound, rhythm and voice.
• To practice fine-tuning existing communication materials (video images, documentation photos, info letters etc.) for higher impact in your communication.
• To practice the basic skills of storytelling (moving images, still images, information design.
• To design a creative documentation package for funders and fundraising.
• To apply the concepts of socially, economically and environmentally sustainable media while working.

• Participants produce at least three videos during the course in small teams. Each piece of work receives feedback for improvement. The last piece of the workshop is considerably better than any previous one.
• Participants produce at least three re-edited and improved communication pieces (as a group).
• Participants practice narrative construction bydoing in at least 4 Input & Practice sessions
• At least five creative documentation packages designed by participants.
• The workshop doesn’t proceed unethically towards anyone, the environment is respected throughout, human dignity goes before quality expectations or ideological requirements.

If you need more information you can check this document!

And if you want to participate you can send an e-mail to as soon as possible!