Descobreix els projectes de voluntariat a l’est d’Àfrica!

Descobreix els projectes de voluntariat a l’est d’Àfrica!

Vine a la xerrada i coneix la realitat de la zona de la mà d’un membre de la Zimbabwe WorkCamps Association

A l’SCI tenim camps de treball i projectes de voluntariat de llarga durada arreu del món. Aquesta vegada volem posar el focus en els països de l’est d’Àfrica com la Zimbabwe, Tanzània, Kènia i Uganda. La xerrada tindrà lloc el dimecres 29 de maig a les 18:30h a La Vaqueria de l’SCI.

Comptarem amb la presència de Ratherford Mwaruta, membre de la Zimbabwe Workcamps Association, partner de l’SCI. Ratherford també pertany a l’organització Southern Africa Workcamps Cooperation (SQWC) que engloba entitats de voluntariat de la regió i és part del Coordinating Commitee for international Voluntary Service (CCIVS). Amb una ampla experiència en el desenvolupament de projectes de voluntariat amb transformació social, ens donarà informació sobre els projectes i entitats de la zona!

Xerrada: Voluntariat a l’est d’Àfrica
Amb Ratherford Mwaruta, de la Zimbabwe Workcamps Association
Dimecres 29 de maig a les 18:30h
A La Vaqueria de l’SCI (c/ del Carme 95. Baixos 2a. BCN)
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*La xerrada serà en anglès

Aquí podeu veure alguns dels camps de treball a Zimbabwe, Uganda i Tanzània. Recordeu que per participar en aquests camps cal tenir més de 20 anys i alguna experiència en voluntariat internacional. Consulta aquí totes les condicions. També pot fer un voluntariat de llarga durada. Consulta aquí totes les condicions

Victoria Falls Environmental Work (Zimbabwe)

Description: The participants will work with the local community and environmental experts from Environment Africa, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Depertment of National Parks and United Children of Africa.

Type of Work: The work will involve the Uprooting lantana camara an alien invasive specie prevalent in the World Heritage Site destroying vegetation and biodiversity. The volunteers will also Maintain the 25 fishing camps along the Zambezi river in the Zambezi National Park in which the campers will reside.



Tose Respite Care Home, Social Work (Zimbabwe)

Description: Tose Respite Care Home is home for people with severe and multiple disabilities. It provides respite care, rehabilitation and training for caregivers.

Type of Work: The volunteers will work with the staff members at Tose to provide respite care as well as rehabilitation for the disadvantaged. The volunteers will also help in the garden, kitchen laundry and any specific request from administration at Tose.


International Workcamp on cultural understanding and respect through music, Dance and Drama (Uganda)

Description: UPA Cultural troupe is committed to promote community sensitization and awareness through music, dance and drama. The Cultural troupe started in 1994 as a pilot project of UPA. The troupe was started mainly to be used for promoting cultures, running awareness campaigns, fundraising and marketing UPA and her activities

Type of Work: • Traditional Dance: traditional dance lessons carried out by a trained instructor. • Modern Dance: Learn basics of a modern dance (Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Dancehall…) • Constructing instruments and costumes • Performances in traditional and modern dances • Filming for the video UPA NIBOLA song . Clearing the road to the campsite (digging, slashing)



Kilimanjaro: Environment and Health Sustainability (Tanzània) 

Description: A big number of families still have traditionally cooked their meals on the ground in the house over an open flame. As a traditional house usually has only one room, the whole house is filled with smoke before and after meals. As a result, acute respiratory and eye diseases are a significant problem for women and children. Additionally, this traditional form of cooking requires large amounts of firewood, which puts pressure on the Mount Kilimanjaro forest and is thus a major contributor to climate change. This project is therefore working towards initiatives to reduce pressure to the forest through promotion of healthy and energy serve stoves.

Type of Work:  Working with locals to build and install simple energy serves stoves in their households. The stoves will be built in few house as demonstration for the rest of the community learn and implement in their homes. Community Tree nursery: Assisting in establishment and management community tree nursery. This will involve collecting of indigenous trees seeds, medicinal plants and herbs to create a demo plot for educational purpose.