Dos projectes a la República Txeca cerquen voluntàries

Dos projectes a la República Txeca cerquen voluntàries

INEX SDA, entitat sòcia de l’SCI a la República Txeca, cerca dues persones per fer el seu projecte d’European Solidarity Corps (antic EVS) donant suport a l’emplaçament de voluntàries des de l’oficina i en un dels seus projectes d’inclusió social i interculturalitat

Abans de continuar, llegeix les característiques dels voluntariats europeus.

Si vols més informació sobre qualsevol dels dos projectes a continuació, escriu-nos a

Project 1: International Volunteering with INEX-SDA
We will host one EVS volunteer for 12 months from beginning of February 2020 till the end of January 2021.

The project
Every year INEX-SDA organizes over 30 international voluntary workcamps across the Czech Republic where a group of local and foreign volunteers support ecological, social or cultural-historical community projects. By organising international voluntary projects, educational programs and campaigns we assist to the development of tolerant and open society and encourage active and responsible approach to the world around us both locally and globally. We create space in which people can gain new experience, expand their skills and develop their own views of the complexity of the world around them.

We believe that volunteering is an asset, beneficial for all individuals and communities involved and we strive to promote volunteering and its perception as a way to tolerance, recognition and sustainable future.

Volunteer will have an opportunity to get to know the wide range of INEX-SDA activities and projects and get involved in many of them according to his/her own personal interest. However, his/her work will be mainly focused on supporting our activities in International Volunteering. ESC volunteer will support the organisation of the over 30 workcamps in the Czech Republic, communicate with our partner organisations abroad and administer hosting of volunteers from all over the world.

Proposed volunteer’s tasks:
1. Administrative support of international voluntary exchange (getting to know the system of exchange, administering applications of volunteers, updating the internal database of projects and volunteers);
2. Taking active part in trainings and seminars of INEX-SDA (trainings for campleaders in the Czech Republic, preparatory trainings for volunteers going abroad, meeting of the partners);
3. Raising awareness about volunteering, voluntary projects and intercultural exchanges among the Czech youth at different regions of the Czech Republic (presentations, promo actions, meetings etc.);
4. Possibility to take part in a voluntary project as a campleader and prepare, organise and facilitate educational workshops on various topics;
5. According to the volunteer’s interest involvement in one or more projects in InexUp (volunteers club);
6. Getting to know different Czech and international NGOs and their work and projects (through platforms INEX-SDA is involved in);
7. Opportunity to develop a project according to his/her interest.

Project 2: Football for development
The project will host one volunteer for 12 months (February 2020 – January 2021).

The project
Football for Development is a unique concept based on the principle of fair play, equality and teamwork. Our aim is to bring together groups or people from different social or cultural backgrounds. Through football we promote mutual respect and tolerance, not only on the field but also in everyday life. Our program includes regional capacity building activities, fair-play leagues, promotional events and a yearly summer campaign, which constitutes the peak of our activities. It is a summer ambassadorship program, a one-month educational tour throughout the country, which unites young leaders from Czech Republic and countries outside Europe. Together the young leaders put together a team that organizes tournaments, public events, workshops and other educational activities for children and young people. Thanks to these football tournaments we manage every year to involve more than 1,500 young people. The campaign takes place in June/July each year in several regions of the Czech Republic.

Proposed volunteer’s tasks:

1. Assisting with the preparation and coordination of the “Football for Development” project from February to July. While taking part in organisation and preparation tasks before the campaign starts, the volunteer will be appointed to communicate with the international participants and the administration associated with their arrival to the Czech Republic. In the course of the campaign itself the volunteer will be supporting the youth during their travel around the Czech Republic in co-organizing public events, football tournaments, youth workshops, and assisting the project coordinator with financial management, documenting the campaign, etc.;

2. Support of educational programmes and trainings organised by INEX-SDA. These have various focus (global learning topics, social inclusion, leadership, practical skills such as project management etc.) The volunteer can take part, but also co-organize them or help facilitating them as a junior facilitator. This depends very much on the volunteer’s interest and learning priorities.;

3. Possibility to get involved in the program supporting social entrepreneurship;

4. Raising awareness about volunteering, voluntary projects and intercultural exchanges among the Czech youth (organizing promo events or presentations);

5. Opportunity to develop own project according to his/her interest.

Si estàs interessat/ada en qualsevol dels 2 projectes, envia’ns el teu CV i carta de motivació a abans de l’11 de gener.