El canvi com a oportunitat! Apunta’t a la formació per a formadors de l’SCI!

El canvi com a oportunitat! Apunta’t a la formació per a formadors de l’SCI!

La formació tindrà lloc a Ambers, Bèlgica, del 31 de Maig al 7 de Juny, i el transport i l'allotjament estan coberts, només hi ha una quota de 75€. La data límit per presentar les sol·licitu

The Training of Trainers will be a professional one week-long course prepared and run by experienced trainers, members of the SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators. It is intended for these volunteers and staff members of NGOs and institutions who plan to act as educators: persons transferring knowledge, skills, and values to both the youth and adults, and who intend to design and run workshops and trainings on the issues they work on. The event will gather 24 participants from 13 countries.

Participants will be provided with know-how on the essentials of training designing and running, and will learn, among others, how to assess and address participants’ learning needs, design exciting and effective training sessions, prepare training materials, adjust training style to diverse learning styles, use a variety of methods, facilitate group discussions, create positive group dynamics, effectively manage challenging participants, and evaluate their training.

The participants will be also given opportunity to practice and receive feedback on their presentation skills, as well as the change to create their workshop outlines that can be used in their future work.

All in all, the training will enable the participants to design and implement a successful workshop/training, and therefore increase their self-confidence, work more efficiently and have a greater impact on the people they educate.


The working methods used will base on the principles of adult learning, creating a stress-free and motivating environment where the human brain has a full capacity to learn. Innovative techniques and training aids will be used. At times the participants will work in two parallel groups in order to achieve best results. All the methods will encourage active participation, creativity, initiative, and responsibility for one's own learning process.

Financial conditions:

All costs related to accommodation, food, programme and materials will be fully covered. Travel reimbursement is guaranteed, and standard Erasmus+ limits will apply: maximum reimbursement amount is 275 euro for all countries except for Belgium (for which there is no reimbursement foreseen). We encourage you to use environmentally friendly transport (bus, train, car sharing) when possible. The website http://www.rome2rio.com/ can give you plenty of options.

The participants will be asked to pay a participation fee upon arrival, as their contribution towards the training organization costs.
The fee depends on the economic situation of the country, and amounts to:
100 euro – for SCI Austria, VIA Belgium, KVT Finland, IVS Great Britain
75 euro – for SCI Catalunya, SCI France, VSI Ireland, SCI Italy, Zavod Voluntariat Slovenia;
50 euro – for CVS Bulgaria, VCZ Croatia, Utilapu Hungary, OWA Poland

How to apply:

If you are interested send us an email with your cv and a motivation letter to: voluntariat@sci-cat.org. The deadline is the 13th of may.

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