Fes el teu ESC en escoles alternatives d’Àustria

Fes el teu ESC en escoles alternatives d’Àustria

Quatre escoles alternatives de la regió de Styria, a Àustria, cerquen voluntàries ESC durant 10 mesos. Inscriu-t’hi fins el 2 de maig

Consulta tota la informació sobre el programa de European Solidarityu Corps aquí. Hi trobaràs tota la informació relacionada amb què és, qui hi pot participar i com. En aquests projectes podràs donar suport a la promoció del voluntariat internacional, la cohesió social i la participació amb tots els costos coberts.

Start of projects: September 2021- June/July 2022
Duration: 10 months
Application Deadline: 2nd of May 2021
How to apply: Send your CV and motivation letter to longterm@scicat.org. Write us if you need more information!

ESC volunteering opportunities in alternative schools. Spend 10 months helping schoolchildren to learn in alternative way, support teachers and school staff in their daily work, and bring your own culture and ideas for a school community. We aim to promote European values and solidarity in different institutions and create an open society.

The Vulkanschule is a primary and secondary school for pupils aged 6–14. It is a small school, with all together 47 pupils, situated in the countryside in South-Eastern Austria. We aim to create a home-like atmosphere at school and inspire kids to learn with joy.

Private School “Sonnenhaus” offers an alternative education for children aged 6-14 years, based on principles of progressive education, esp. Montessori and nonviolent communication. We aim at supporting and guiding children on their way to becoming responsible confident and open-minded persons.

The school runs according to reform-pedagogical principles (Montessori, Piaget), which means that the work is oriented at the needs and wishes of children. The learning methods are based on “practical” work and on projects. One of the principles of our school is “learning by doing”. We try hard to prepare a surrounding for our children which enables them to make their own experiences, where they can do both, acquire cultural techniques and develop social competences.

The actual Waldorf curriculum (2010) is based on the principles of Steiner ́s pedagogical guidelines. It gives equal attention to the physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual needs of each pupil and is designed to work in harmony with the different phases of the child’s development. Focus is laid on artistic lessons like music, art, drama theatre and craft-based subjects as stone- and woodwork, tailoring, forging, weaving etc.

We look for:
Young people, who are responsible and motivated to help students during the lessons, provide with support needed and assist teacher and school staff in their work. We are looking for open minded open-minded, active, initiative persons, who feel comfortable to deal with children of different age and social backgrounds. We appreciate a specific interest in pedagogy (every school has a different pedagogical approach). Also, bringing your interest in arts, music, handicrafts, sports, languages, etc are very welcome.