Fes un ESC amb SCI Alemanya

Fes un ESC amb SCI Alemanya

SCI Alemanya ofereix dues places ESC per donar suport a la comunicació i a l’organització dels camps de treball a partir del març 2023

Consulta tota la informació dels projectes “European Solidarity Corps”. Hi trobaràs tota la informació relacionada amb què és, qui hi pot participar i com. En aquests projectes podràs donar suport a la promoció del voluntariat internacional, la cohesió social i la participació amb tots els costos coberts. Només caldrà que et facis sòci/a de l’SCI pagant la quota anual de 50 €.

2 ESC opportunities in SCI Germany

General Information on SCI

Service Civil International (SCI) is a peace and voluntary service organisation with more than 45 branches and groups world-wide. The aims are to promote peace, international understanding and solidarity, social justice, sustainable development, and respect for the environment. SCI believes that all people are capable of living together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflicts. The organisation was founded one hundred years ago in 1920. The German branch of SCI was founded in 1946.

In co-operation with social, ecological, cultural and anti-racist projects SCI-Germany organises 40 to 50 workcamps every year. Workcamps are short term voluntary projects that are organised in cooperation with local communities. A short term voluntary project is a unique form of volunteering, bringing together people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to live and work together with local communities for a period of two to three weeks.

Apart from workcamps we also organise trainings and seminars in cooperation with international partners on topics like gender, peace education, anti-racism, etc. Another part of the work of SCI Germany is the exchange of long-term-volunteers.

The project

We want you to get acquainted with the work of SCI Germany and to provide you a meaningful training experience in an organisation of international exchange and volunteer work. You will be encouraged to take part in different activities of our branch, bring in own ideas and take over responsibility. You will work with the project co-ordinators for international exchange programmes.

An additional aim of the project is to strengthen the co-operation of SCI Germany with your sending organisation in projects, trainings, communication, common activities etc. Therefore, if you already have some experience with your sending organisation please let us know what you have done so far (e.g. participation in workcamps, camp-coordination, PR, etc.).

Here are the main tasks in the programme:

You’ll be placing volunteers from Germany to workcamps abroad and volunteers from abroad into workcamps in Germany. For the placement you will use the “Online Placement System” (in short OPS). OPS is an online database of SCI designed to keep record of workcamps and applications. Information about workcamps and applications is being uploaded there.

– Mail and phone communication (in English and in German)
– You’ll communicate with project coordinators, our international partners and, especially, with volunteers. You’ll answer questions about workcamps and help interested applicants with the process
– Helping to prepare information and infosheets for the participants

Advertising/Social Media:
– Representing the work of SCI Germany in social networks and helping with publicity work to attract participants

Supporting the real and online workcamps:
– Visiting an SCI-workcamp in Germany to present SCI and check how the workcamp is going on
– You can coordinate an international workcamp in Germany after participating in a camp- coordination training as preparation.
– You can prepare and implement (online) activities such as digital workcamps
– You can evaluate the present work of the branch by giving a critical perspective from a side of a new volunteer from abroad

Other tasks you can do are:
– Participation in SCI-Germany activities, for example our “Herbstfest” (big gathering of activists and volunteers which happens once a year in autumn), trainings, seminars, etc.
– Participation in an international conference within the SCI-network in order to evaluate and improve the cooperation in the field of our workcamps
– Assisting the project coordinators with planning, realisation and evaluation of projects like training courses on topics such as anti-racism, project management, ecology or gender

We are offering two positions. The concrete division of tasks will be decided upon in consultation with the chosen candidates according to their respective interests and competences.

Where: Bonn, Germany
Dates: March 2023 – March 2024
Deadline to apply: 21.11.2022
Read the call here

Si estàs interessat/ada envia el teu CV i la teva carta de motivació a longterm@scicat.org el més aviat possible!