Fes un ESC amb una organització juvenil a Transylvania!

Fes un ESC amb una organització juvenil a Transylvania!

Youth Association Transylvania està buscant una voluntària ESC per donar suport en el funcionament de l’oficina i amb tasques d’inclusió amb infants i persones amb diversitat funcional durant 7 mesos

Consulta tota la informació dels projectes “European Solidarity Corps”. Hi trobaràs tota la informació relacionada amb què és, qui hi pot participar i com. En aquests projectes podràs donar suport a la promoció del voluntariat internacional, la cohesió social i la participació amb tots els costos coberts. Només caldrà que et facis sòci/a de l’SCI pagant la quota anual de 50 €.

Who we are?

We are the Youth Association from Transylvania, but you can call us ATA. Years ago, we set a goal. A goal to show Europe to Transylvania, and to show Transylvania to Europe. We like to
work with people, especially people from all around the world. Our hobbies are learning about new cultures and organizing amazing events for our local community and guests from all around! Until now, we organized youth exchanges, seminars, and training courses on many various topics, from how to be a good citizen to addictions. We hosted volunteers whose main tasks included herbalism, activities with young children in kindergarten, showing their culture to the locals, and many- many more!

What will you do?

1. NGO support person:

– support our yearly local activities & communication: you will bring new perspectives & ideas to the local volunteers’ regular activities & after that to help with communicating about these
on our webpage and social media platforms

– Support the the www.rural-transylvania.eu platform: your role will be to help us discover the characteristics of the larger region from your perspective in written journalistic, photo/video reports.

– Support our staff with international mobilities: you will support us doing international mobilities for many youth & youth workers, with their unique perspective & input.

2. Inclusion support person:

– Activities in 2 kindergartens & 1 primary school in our town & 2 primary schools in rural areas around the town: you will help to organize daily non-formal workshops for children & youth to teach English, while at the same time will pass along environmental awareness & up-cycling, recycling knowledge.

– Activities in 2 entities that work for the disabled: help the staff members specialized on helping with new ideas & methods in order to develop the versatility of the workshops & with annual events / help by giving practical (gardening & cooking) skills to the disabled.

Volunteer’s profile

We are looking for any youth aged 18 to 30 who is serious and motivated to come to a small city and support us in the development of a community with a lot of potentials. We do not require volunteers to have any pre-determined skill sets or aptitudes to carry out the activity, only an inquisitive demeanor, and an openness to learn new things which may be needed for the activity. Also, we do not require participants to have advanced or intermediate English speaking skills, we only require them to have a basic skill in English and an openness to learn the local language to effectively communicate with the local community. Last but not least, we are looking for energetic, creative open-minded, and independent youth.


Begining of the project: February 2023 (7-10 months).
Where: CRISTURU SECUIESC, Transylvania, Romania

Si estàs interessat/ada envia el teu CV i la teva carta de motivació a longterm@scicat.org el més aviat possible!