“This experience was extremely empowering”: ESC in SCI Catalunya

“This experience was extremely empowering”: ESC in SCI Catalunya


I got to know SCI Catalunya a couple of months before I decided to apply for the ESC position. After taking a break from activism for quite some time I was looking for a way to get back on my feet and try something new. I saw a lot of potential in the organization and I felt like I could become an important part of it.

The beginning was a bit tough. Not knowing catalan, not having that many tasks yet, sometimes I felt confused about what I am supposed to do. I knew though that this state was temporary as the other volunteers from the previous year told me that the second part of the year will be much more intense.

And that is what happened. First big project that I organized was preparation of a Peaceweek around the topic of LGBTQI+phobia. It was my first time creating a whole activity plan and facilitating the training. Thanks to that experience I discovered my passion for non-formal education. After that I was able to support preparations for international meetings, participate in various trainings about decolonisation of international voluntary service and about my job as a placement officer. I also joined and contributed to the SCI Catalunya’s local group Justicia Climática and together with volunteers from other countries I managed to bring back the Climate Team of SCI.


This one year experience was extremely empowering and it most certainly taught me a lot. I realized what being an activist means to me and what are my convictions which I had to challenge every day. I learned that it does make sense to speak up and share your thoughts even if it might be scary sometimes. I dived deeply into the world of non-formal education, supported creation of toolkits and guidelines that will be very much useful for my future work.

I want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to this experience, all people that I have met on different occasions, but most importantly people from the office of SCI Catalunya. I was very lucky to work with this crazy, full of energy and empathy group of people that was always there to support me and was doing their best to make me feel comfortable amongst them. So if the future ESC’s are reading this – you’re very much lucky to have a possibility to work with this team!

Did I figure out what I want to do with my life? Not yet, but this experience has definitely pushed me further in my research. Even though my next step is moving to another continent I will stay involved in the Climate Team and keep on gaining professional experience with them.

Moltes gràcies a tothom, fins la propera vegada!