Fes el teu EVS a Polònia!

Fes el teu EVS a Polònia!

La Polish Robert Schuman Foundation busca voluntaris/es que vulguin començar el seu EVS a finals del 2016. Podeu consultar els diferents projectes d'EVS que ofereixen aquí.

We are looking for volunteers aged between 18 and 30 years, legally residing in one of the Program or Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU. We seek a balance of varied ages, genders and nationalities amongst our EVS volunteers.We are not looking for experienced volunteers but those that would learn a lot during the service in a given receiving organization.

Apart from personal motivation of volunteers our requirement is volunteers' strong will of learning Polish language after selection procedure successfully ends. We need selected volunteers to know a few crucial phrases and already have substantial vocabulary of Polish at the moment they start their EVS. Why is this important? Because they will work with disabled children and youth, which often does not speak English or any other language.

We will pay special attention to those candidates that are keen on getting involved in their new local community. Volunteers will share apartments with other volunteers (from 2 to 5 volunteers in one apartment) and we would like for volunteers sharing one apartment to organize at least one event in their local community (additional to their volunteering working schedule in receiving organizations).

Short descriptions of our vacancies can be read in the file Receiving Placements 2016 on our website. More details on receiving organizations themselves can be found in the EVS database: http://europa.eu/youth/evs_database (use EI Reference Number or PIC number to find each RO).

We provide all Erasmus + Program requirements: accommodation, food allowance, pocket money, local transport.


We ask each candidate to send us filled out OUR APPLICATION FORM. Candidates can add other documents/personal presentations/ videos/photos/motivation letters to the application form, if they want but please know that applications without our form will not be taken into consideration.
Please send applications to: info.evs@schuman.pl. In title please write: APPLICATION 2016.

Application DEADLINE for all candidates is 27 December 2015.

We will contact only candidates we find suitable, asking for further skype or telephone interview and contact their sending organizations (if they have them) by 15 January 2015.