[URGENT] Fes el teu EVS a Suècia!

[URGENT] Fes el teu EVS a Suècia!

SCI Sweden busca una persona per fer l'EVS des de febrer de 2018 fins al desembre del 2018!

Pots consultar la informació sobre el Servei de Voluntariat Europeu aquí. Hi trobaràs tota la informació relacionada amb què és, qui hi pot participar i com.

SCI Sweden is urgently looking for a an EVS-volunteer who wants to spend a year on the lovely island of Gotland, live in an eco-collective and in the meanwhile help us to do placement, advertise our NGO around Sweden, to have contact with our local partners and to represent SCI Sweden on several international meetings and finally, to organise your own peace-project! Due to delays and cancellations we have no confirmed candidate yet for our year-long EVS-position. We are rather surprised about this! The volunteer service starts in February, by attending the Placement officer training, and ends a little after our Annual meeting in December 2018.

Who we are?
We are the Swedish branch of Service Civil International, which is a peace organisation with 42 branches around the world. We mostly organise short term volunteer projects, but also longer projects, as well as seminars and actions. In Sweden we organise around four summer projects and we have ambitions to hold some seminars this year. Also we have regular volunteer meetings, to prepare the year, to prepare volunteers, but also to keep the spirit. Sweden is a big country. To be certain we don’t only have member on screens we need to shake hands, hug, work with a shovel and sit around a camp fire, every once in a while. http:// www.ial.se http://www.sci.ngo 

Who you are?
You preferable have either done peace work before or worked with the theme international (or local) solidarity. In any case, like us, you have a vision of a world in which people work together, in mutual respect, no matter their backgrounds or affiliations, and you are taking an active stand to reach this vision. So to do this you can both work with your hands – for instance, practically building a cottage – and with your head – for instance by using with a computer interface – and with you social skills – by preparing other volunteers for their trips. And yeah, we hope you can work with your heart to, in other words, you have passion for what you do. But if you can tell really funny jokes, that could count too.

What will you do?
As a placement officer, you are responsible to process applications of volunteers, both those who travel from Sweden and those who travel to projects in Sweden. Most applications come in via our Online placement system (OPS) so, not so much paper work anymore. Furthermore you are expected to are on stand-by for volunteers who have questions, for instance about the fee, or insurance. In spring you help setting up projects, brainstorm about the number of volunteers, how much work to be done and what. Also you keep in contact with camp leaders and partner organisations during camps. In autumn you evaluate like mad! 

Where will you live?
On the beautiful island of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic sea, you will live at the eco-collective of Suderbyn. This is also where SCI-Swedens secretariat is located. Be prepared to live in close connection with the other inhabitants of the community. You will be able to cycle to the local medieval town of Visby, or swim in the sea. The food is generally vegetarian and there are only compost toilets (they don’t flush, but otherwise it’s just the same). There is a huge garden with lots going on, don’t get distracted! Luckily, other SCI-volunteers will be present for you to work with. Learn Swedish too! http://www.suderbyn.se

What do you pay?
You pay a small application fee, but nothing more. Since this project is financed within the Erasmus+program of the European Union, costs for food and accommodation are covered. You will also receive pocket money once a month.

Interested? For you to be able to apply to this opportunity you need to be resident in Europe, or at least live in a country that is eligible to send volunteers under the Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service-program. We normally receive volunteers from around the world, so this condition is a bit unfortunate, but it is simply the frame of the grant that we received. If your interested, please contact you local branch of SCI. Since we put a lot of emphasis on our identity as a network in our application (and of course we cherish our SCI-identity generally too), the national agency approved a change of partner, conditionally if we stay within the network, or with tightly cooperating partners. We need a motivation letter and a cv. Please mention what you connection to our peace and international solidarity is. How are you an activist? 

Si estàs interessat/ada  escriu un correu amb el teu CV i una carta de motivació (en anglès) a longterm@sci-cat.org abans del 20 de gener.


And then?
We hold Skype interviews with selected candidates in the first two weeks of January and make our final choice in the week after. It’s a tight schedule. Are you on?