França acull un seminari sobre patrimoni i diversitat cultural

França acull un seminari sobre patrimoni i diversitat cultural

Participa al training que tindrà lloc al sud de França del 6 al 12 d'abril. Ja t'hi pots inscriure!

* Per participar als seminaris internacionals cal ser soci/a de l'SCI. En cas que no ho siguis, pots donar-te d'alta molt fàcilment aquí.

Partnerships Action and Tools for Heritage International Capacity Building Training for Heritage Workcamp Leaders in France

Dates: arrival on 6 April, departure on 12 April 2017

The White Paper for International Voluntary Service (2011-2021) draws the strategic objectives for Cultural Heritage and Diversity with the vision to ‘Preserving, protecting, and promoting cultural heritage and diversity through International Voluntary Service activities in order to foster mutual understanding and respect within the global community’. With the Strategic objectives to create:

A. A global community where mutual understanding and respect are brought by active citizens that preserve protect and promote cultural heritage and diversity
B. Develop and expand cooperation between organisations, institutions and government bodies in the field of Cultural Heritage and Diversity
C. Raise awareness about the impact of IVS in cultural heritage and diversity issues

Heritage has been an important element of local communities where IVS organisations have set up projects since 1920 (1st workcamp). Throughout the years organisations, mainly in Europe, have developed cooperation with various stakeholders, involving young and adult volunteers in the protection, preservation and valorisation of our tangible and intangible heritage. This topic has been taken until recent years in other regions of the world demonstrating the value of non-formal learning as the IVS educational approach to
disseminate the values and expertise developed at the inter-governmental level to a large public and in particular to young people, based on a dynamic dialogue between the different stakeholders.

The aim of this project is to work towards the strategic objectives of the White Paper and to promote the work of IVS organisations and NFL, whilst valorising local customs and the diversity of these. The world is under an increasing threat from globalisation and extremism; these two factors contribute to the breaking down of cultural norms, traditions and the destruction and loss of heritage sites. This project will celebrate both tangible and intangible heritage and to revel in the diversity of this heritage. The applicant organisations propose actions which focus on food, culture, language, cultural and natural sites indigenous traditions …. etc. The aim is to be as diverse as possible and to show the richness of this diversity and to include local people as educators, emphasizing the bottom up approach of IVS and the work in local communities and with young people with fewer opportunities. The partners are grassroots IVS organisations from Africa, Asia and Europe for a 24 month project.

The different actions of the PATH project include:
• Stakeholders Forum (6-11 February 2017)
• Capacity building trainings on Volunteer and Heritage Management in France (April 2017) and Uganda ( May/June 2017)
• Local Awareness Raising Actions (June 2017 – December 2017)
• Global Communication Campaign (January 2017 – March 2018)

The Capacity Building Trainings will
– Improve the quality of youth work and lead to new partnerships
– Create multipliers who will continue to implement actions in their local communities and follow up with the young people involved in the Local Awareness Raising Actions
– Produce results which will be implemented in the Local actions
– Share best practices and resources
– Guarantee that the individuals in charge of volunteer management and heritage projects will gain and develop the knowledge and skills needed to plan and implement heritage actions with community and individual engagement, and institutional support and local and national co-funding and certify these.
– Contribute to establishing common practices and standards for the participants to reproduce at the organisational and local level the capacity building process and multiply the impact and outreach of the project.

The project is open to the partners of the PATH project who can nominate their permanent staff, active members or long term volunteers who have responsibilities related to international coordination and who can represent their organisations having a good working knowledge of English and coming from one of the partner organisations of this project.

Each organisation will have to send 1 participant to the training course.
Participants will have the following profiles:

  •  Involved in IVS movements and have an active role in their organisations
  •  Where possible should be running the international workcamps/ projects and can act as a multiplier to share the experiences learnt
  •  Able to represent the best practice of their organisations and to support in the fulfilment of the objectives above;
  •  Able to understand and discuss complex issues in English;
  •  Motivated to join hands on activities during the training, such practical workshops on traditional masonry and archeology, outdoor activities and visits to cultural sites.
Si estàs interessat/ada, escriu un correu electrònic amb el teu CV i carta de motivació a el més aviat possible