Participa a un camp de treball a Alemanya!

Participa a un camp de treball a Alemanya!

Film/video project – SCI peacework (Germany)

Dates: 28 jul – 11 ag

Type of Work: You will receive a professional introduction to the art of filming (with camera and mobilephone). In this movie project you have the possibility to contribute your own ideas, shoot by yourself, cut the filmed material and create your own movie out of it. You will visit a workcamp in Cologne, do interviews with other participants, visit the SCI office in Bonn and interview SCI members, employees and activists. If you have a mobile phone with video function, please bring it with you. The project is supported by the European Solidarity Corps and you will receive a subsidy for your travel expenses.

Study Theme:

  • The art of film making
  • Work and history of SCI
  • Dealing with the questions: What do climate protection, nature conservation, sustainability, working with people, anti-discrimination and equal rights have to do with peace work? Why is it important?

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