Connecta amb la natura i els animals en un intercanvi juvenil a Eslovènia

Connecta amb la natura i els animals en un intercanvi juvenil a Eslovènia

L’intercanvi juvenil ‘Furrytale’ vol posar al centre el benestar animal i la cura de la natura. A Eslovènia del 21 al 28 de setembre!

Per participar d’un intercanvi juvenil o una formació internacional només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte

If you are interested in …

– Expressing a compassionate attitude towards animals and contributing to animal welfare and protection
– Acquiring and consolidating social skills in an intercultural setting through creative artistic and outdoor activities and social games
– Carrying out activities to raise public awareness of the care and welfare of animals, i.e. video production activities, creating video content aimed at
raising public awareness about animal welfare
– Staying on the farm where we will have a direct contact with the animals and help with the chores
– Visiting a shelter, an asylum for animals, and theoretically learn about the basics of animal rights legislation

…and much more, then read further.

Animals need to be treated better than they currently are, and with our project, we want to show young people a respectful, responsible and compassionate attitude
towards animals. In a world where the capitalistic mentality prevails, and everything must be produced fast and in big quantities, companies often uncompromisingly
maximize their profits, often forgetting about social responsibility and sustainable development. The collateral damage is a huge amount of violence and torture and
disrespect for animal rights.

The issue of animal protection is most urgent in the fields of the meat industry, pharmacy, cosmetics, etc. where the animals are treated as means for generating a profit. Animals are exploited in experiments or suffer a similar fate where they are exploited or tortured. The attitude towards animals as pets is also problematic, which
results in an ever-increasing number of abandoned animals (dogs, cats and other pets).

With our project, we want to address the problem of abuse, torture and irresponsible treatment of animals, more concretely these are the issues of animal testing, disrespect for the rights of animals in the economy, poor care, torture, discarded animals etc. Together with the participants, we want to creatively address these problems, point them out, talk about them and to look for improvements and possibilities for a better tomorrow. We want to support young people in their desire to help animals, we want to help them encourage a compassionate attitude towards animals and show them a responsible way of treating them. We want to show them what ways they are possible for a better, higher quality and fair way of life for all beings in harmony with nature.

The most important for us is your motivation. The exchange seeks for 25 participants together (5 participants and 1 team leader from each country). We are looking for people who are:

– 5 participants between 18 and 30 years old from each of these countries: Slovenia, Serbia, Spain and Moldova; in addition, 1 youth leader per country is
welcome to guide a group (this person can be also above 30 years old);
– have enough understanding of English to be able to follow and participate actively;
– are interested in the topic and have a desire to learn more about it;
– are willing to fully participate throughout the whole youth exchange of 7 working days:
– Ready to share the results of the youth exchange upon return home (on personal and organization’s social media, write an article for local media, information among friends etc.).

When: 21st-28th September
Where: Eslovènia
How to apply: Interested? READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS and write to as soon as possible!