Connecta amb la natura i els animals en un intercanvi juvenil a Eslovènia

Connecta amb la natura i els animals en un intercanvi juvenil a Eslovènia

L’intercanvi juvenil ‘Furrytale’ vol posar al centre el benestar animal i la cura de la natura. A Eslovènia del 19 al 25 de setembre!

Per participar d’un intercanvi juvenil o una formació internacional només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte

If you are interested in …
• working with people, animals and plants on the farm,
• searching for possibilities on how to protect animals,
• spend time with animals, feeding and cleaning the barns,
• learning through non-formal methods,
• getting new tools and learning new methods,
• meeting new people from 4 different countries who share similar interests
… this youth exchange is for you!

“Back to nature, back to the roots” is our motto. We want to build a wonderful community which is connected to the nature and animals. Together we will work on a peaceful farm, feed the animals, clean barns, build houses and other useful things, and simpathetically connect with the animals and make some sustainable art. Most of all, we will talk about empathy, love for the animals, and problems and solutions in our countries and on this planet on how to protect the animals.
Our aim is to give new perspectives on the attitude towards the animals and give youth the power and knowledge to be active citizens within and after the exchange. We want to empower them to be the voice and protector of (endangered) animal and plant species.

• everyday we will spend a lot of time with the animals and care for them
• learn how to work on the farm and how to be self-sufficient
• personal growth and mindful approach
• empower the youth to protect and take care of the nature
• bring together organizations from different countries and build an animal friendly community, which will also be active after the exchage – they will be active in the field of animal protection, rights and care

The most important for us is your motivation. The exchange seeks for 25 participants together (5 participants and 1 team leader from each country). We are looking for people who are:

• interested and motivated to work with animals,
• from 18 till 26 years old,
• interested to be a part of sustainable creative projects
• open and willing to conntect with the nature (to be in the nature all the time, sleep in the hayloft, gather food from the garden..) willing to obtain new knowlage about animals, nature and ways to protect them
• open to sleep in a tent on a hayrack

When: 19th-25th September
Where: Eslovènia
How to apply: Interested? Write to as soon as possible!