Participa en un intercanvi juvenil a Hongria al setembre!

Participa en un intercanvi juvenil a Hongria al setembre!

Busquem una persona coordinadora i quatre participants per un intercanvi juvenil que tindrà lloc a Hongria del 18 al 28 de setembre

Per participar d’un intercanvi juvenil o una formació internacional cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte. Per aquest projecte l’organització d’Hongria demana un extra fee de 40€.

Participa en l’intercanvi juvenil ‘Glee it up!’, que tindrà lloc a Hollókó, Hongria, del 18 al 28 de setembre del 2023. Busquem una persona coordinadora de més de 18 anys que ha d’estar disponible per viatjar a Hongria del 18 al 20 de juliol per conèixer la resta de Youth leaders i organitzar el seminari. Aquesta persona, que s’encarregarà de coordinar el grup del 18 al 28 de setembre, ha de tenir bon nivell d’anglès i experiència prèvia en intercanvis. D’altra banda, cerquem 4 participants d’entre 16 i 25 anys. Per participar-hi, envieu-nos un mail a el més aviat possible.

About the project

A youth exchange, where you can experience living and creating in an international community of 30 young people from 6 countries in Europe; discovering how you can use performing arts to bring more joy
and fun to your everyday life. Practice how you can deliver your message to the world through performing while learning and having fun together.

In the 10 days we will spend together, we will learn abouteach other, our cultures, teamwork, and different aspects ofperforming arts (storytelling, music, dancing, stage presence)through discovering self-expression, co-creation, and joy. This means there will be many exciting activities andchallenges to face where you can create, explore andunderstand, working in small and big groups with youngpeople from other countries. Join us to explore and express your inner performer!

Profile of the participants

This youth exchange is for you, if you are:

– between 16-25 years old
– you are interested in exploring how performing arts (music,dancing, drama) can bring more joy to your everyday life
– you would like to experience spending 10 days in aninternational community with young people from Europejust like you and create magical moments for yourselvesbut also others.
* If you have experiences and skills in music, dancing, acting, or performing, youare welcome to join to share your passion with others!

Where: Creative Space youth Centre in HOLLÓKŐ, HUNGARY
When: 18-28 de setembre
How to apply: send an email to as soon as possbile