Nou camp de voluntariat al Kurdistan turc del 14 al 23 de març!

Nou camp de voluntariat al Kurdistan turc del 14 al 23 de març!
European Youth is “Cooking” For Children of War és el nom del camp que tindrà lloc al barri kurd de Diyarbakir, a Turquia. Participa-hi!
European Youth is “Cooking” For Children of War

Camp code: TR-YCA 3.1
Country: Turkey
Start Date: 14 març 2017
End Date: 23 març 2017
Topic: 3: International solidarity
Work Types: Cultural heritage / Manual / Social
Number of volunteers: 16
Extra Costs: 250.00 Euro
Purpose of extra costs: The extra costs will support the local association in covering the costs for volunteers' food, accommodation and local transportation. Moreover, part of the extra fee will be used to buy all the needed material to prepare and implement the activity.
Required Language: Anglès
Spoken Language: Anglès
Description: There was a conflict (almost a civil war) between armed Kurdish youth and Turkish Security Forces for months: 103 days curfew and conflict, hundreds people lost their lives, thousands people lost their houses, hundreds buildings were ruined and more than 10.000 children couldn’t go to the school for months. After ISIS attack to Sinjar, thousands of Yazidis had to come to Turkey. Many Yazidis didn’t want to be settled in Syrian refugee camps run by Turkish government, because they were afraid of the Islamic State and its Islamic symbols there.They had been settled in the camps of the municipalities run by the pro-Kurdish party but now, because of ‘the mayors are arrested’, they have to stay in the governmental camps with food lack.

Type of Work: During the 9 days of workcamp we will raise funds for the children of Sur and Yazidi children by cooking together with our international volunteers and selling the food in Sur. There will be a preparation part in order to plan all activities and cook together. We will sell the foods in 1-2 days in Sur, and with the raised money we will buy materials for the children organizations in Sur, and food for Yazidi children living in refugee camps.

Study Theme: Before working with the children, volunteers will be informed about the region, how to work with children, last happenings to the Yezidi, background of the children in Sur, story of the city and widest overview of the situation of Kurdish people.

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in the guest house of our association (we can host until 40 people there) and Sur is only 10 minutes far (by walk) from our place. There are 4 bathrooms in the guest house and volunteers will stay in the separate rooms. The guest house is in the old town of Diyarbakir and also quite closes the city center.

Requirements: No specific skills are required, but if you are a good cooker it will be appreciated!

Approximate Location: Diyarbakir, Kurdish Region of Turkey.

Notes: All main things will be provided by our organization, but volunteers are welcomed to bring some national ingredients in order to make international foods.

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