Participa a la Conferència Internacional sobre Clima de l’ONU a París!

Participa a la Conferència Internacional sobre Clima de l’ONU a París!

End of 2015 will bring a very important event for the global climate justice movement and SCI has the possibility to be at the heart of it!
In December 2015 in Paris an international climate conference of the states of United Nations – 21st session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties COP21 is going to take place, during which heads of states are supposed to agree on a global climate deal and to achieve a new international agreement on the climate, applicable to all countries, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.

We are inviting you to participate and join the SCI delegation during one of the biggest mobilizations in Paris.

? On the SCI webpage here,  you can find the following information ?

  • What it is about and why it is important
  • How can I join the events in Paris?
  • What forms of participation are available to SCI activists this year?
  • About Place to B where will be staying
  • What costs will be covered by SCI and for whom?
  • What happens inside the official negotiations premises (the ones that can only be accessed with an official badge)?
  • Can SCI actually influence the content of the global deal to be signed in Paris?

In the end, these climate summits are in a way huge networking events and learning opportunities. And the one in Paris is going to be a huge one! And all this happens to make a statement – protecting the climate means protecting human rights and ensuring a more peaceful world for future generations!

Apply by 12th of October here

More information and clarification about the event and different participation, you can read here

NOTE: Please note that the application form is online and we will contact all the branches whose activists have applied for this event in case you have recommendations or concerns. Once we decide who is going to Paris, we will put the placement officer in CC. We would like to make the process as transparent as possible, so every branch will be aware of the selection procedure.