Participa a un intercanvi juvenil a Roma el mes d’octubre!

Participa a un intercanvi juvenil a Roma el mes d’octubre!

[cancel·lat] L’intercanvi juvenil “Living library week”, tindrà lloc del 30 de setembre al 9 d’octubre a Roma i cerquem 4 voluntàries i 1 persona coordinadora per participar-hi. Inscriu-te tan aviat com puguis!

Un intercanvi juvenil és un projecte finançat per la Comissió Europea que permet que joves en situació de precarietat puguin participar d’un projecte internacional. La participació és completament gratuïta. Aquí trobaràs més informació.

We are preparing the project “Living Library Week”, which will take place from 30 September to 9 October in the beautiful place called la Città dell’Utopia, in Rome. A group of young people from Italy, Catalonia, Greece, Hungary and Austria will have the opportunity to explore together the themes of emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication and relationships, through the tool of the Living Library. We will create together living books to tell and make “read” to other young people.

The Living Library methodology aims to build a positive framework for communication between people able to challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. The theme of each book is the life of a person and the narrator is the same individual who, through his voice and testimony, shares not only words and expressions, but also his own values and beliefs, norms and myths of the communities in which he they were relieved. This methodology allows not only to bring people together, but also to develop their emotional abilities with an important impact in terms of personal development and active citizenship.

Requirements to participate:
– be between 18 and 25 years old
– have a positive and proactive attitude
– have interest and curiosity about the stories of people from different backgrounds
– have the desire to get involved
– have a good knowledge of English
– be able to cooperate with the organizational team
– be available during the dates

Requirements to be a coordinator:
The ideal group leader:
– has experience in working with young people, coordinating groups and non-formal education methods
– has interest, motivation and willingness to follow the project from beginning to end
– has a good knowledge of English and Italian and is able to translate for his group if necessary
– has a positive and proactive attitude
– is very patient, tolerant and open minded
– has good organizational skills
– is able to cooperate with the organizational team
– feels responsible for his group, especially for the participants, who come from difficult contexts

Read the infosheet to be a group leader.

Per a més informació i per a fer la teva inscripció, pots escriure’ns a abans del 30 d’agost.