Participa al seminari “Go visual! Creative education about migration” a Polònia!

Participa al seminari “Go visual! Creative education about migration” a Polònia!

El projecte, que tractarà les formes d'educar entorn a les migracions, tindrà lloc del del 6 a l'11 de setembre a Poznan (Polònia). Inscriu-te abans del 27 de juliol!

* Per participar als seminaris internacionals cal ser soci/a de l'SCI. En cas que no ho siguis, pots donar-te d'alta molt fàcilment aquí.

OWA Poland is happy to announce opening of the application process for an exciting training course on creative education, including visual facilitation, on the topic of migration and refugees. Interested individuals are welcome to apply until 27 July 2016 (first deadline). If some vacant places remain, the second deadline for applying will be until 10 August 2016.

Training in short
The training course will gather participants (educators, activists), who will learn and share information on how to educate young people on migration, including refugee issues, through using visual facilitation methods and other creative methodologies, which have a far greater impact on the recipients than the traditional way of teaching-preaching.  The training will be based on the lessons learnt from SCI Poland successful educational programme on refugees and migrants we have been running in schools for the last 19 years, and will be run by competent trainers and guest speakers.

For whom?
The event will gather 25 participants from 10 European countries – activists and educators from Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, and Spain. The project is intended for volunteers and staff members who act (or plan to act) as educators: persons transferring knowledge, skills, and values to both the youth and adults, and who intend to design and run workshops and trainings on migration (including refugees), using creative and brain-friendly learning methods. The beneficiaries of their trainings may be young people (e.g. students), youth workers (including also volunteers), or final target groups the organisations work with: e.g. socially disadvantaged youth and other people with fewer opportunities.

All in all, the training should enable participants to design and implement a successful workshop/training on migrants and refugees, and therefore we hope it will increase your self-confidence, make your work more efficient, and help you have a greater impact on the people you educate!

The ideal participant should:
– be able to communicate well and work in English;
– have some preliminary experience in leading workshops or acting as trainers in non-formal educational situations;
– be interested in migration and refugee issue and have some knowledge on this topic;
– come from one of the 10 above-mentioned project countries;
– attend the whole course duration (there is no possibility to make exceptions).

There is no age limit.

The training will last 4.5 days. Arrival is foreseen on Tuesday, 6th September 2016 before midnight. Departure is possible on Sunday, 11th September 2016 after 13:00.

The training will be held in Pozna?, Poland – a big city exactly in between Berlin and Warsaw. Participants will be accommodated in a comfortable and modern hostel in the very centre of Pozna?, just a few hundred metres from the Old Town Square. The rooms will be shared by 4-5 people.

The working methods used will base on the principles of adult learning, creating a stress-free and motivating environment where the human brain has a full capacity to learn. You will often work in smaller groups in order to achieve best results. All the methods will encourage active participation, creativity, initiative, and responsibility for one's own learning process. Participants will have a possibility to lead some exercises.

The main trainer will be Ma?gorzata Tur, Poland – sociologist, trainer and educator, certified member of the Polish Association of NGO Trainers, owner of Pracownia Interakcji training company. She has been active in the training field for more than 15 years now, supporting individuals and groups to develop their skills and grow. Coordinator of OWA Educational Programme on Refugees and Minorities for 4 years, leader of numerous actions on the refugee issue. Ma?gorzata will be supported by a trainer from the OWA Educational Group.

The visual facilitation workshop (1 day in total) will be led by Piotr Pozna?ski – sketchnoter, visual facilitator expert, and psychologist, popularizing the idea of visual thinking though publications and workshops. Member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, leads a fanpage and blog Input on the situation of migrants in Poland will be given by Izabela Czerniejewska, Ph.D – cultural anthropologist and independent researcher on migrations and educational aspects of migration and multicultural education. Author of educational materials on the subject of cultural diversity, refugees, migrants, and ethnic and national minorities.

Financial conditions
The food and accommodation of the participants will be fully covered. Reimbursement of the travel tickets will be 100% up to the maximum amounts indicated in the rules of the Erasmus+ programme after the receipt of original documents. We encourage you to use environmentally friendly transport (bus, train, car sharing) when possible. Due to funder’s restrictions, participants will receive travel reimbursement only if they arrive between 4-6th September and leave for their home country between 11-13th September 2016. No exceptions can be granted.  There will be a participation fee of 50 euro per person, to be paid to SCI Poland upon arrival. Some exceptions may be made for participants in a difficult situation.

How to apply
The applicants are asked to complete an online registration form at The first deadline is 27th July 2016; however, appropriate candidates might be accepted as soon as they apply; therefore, we strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible. In case some places are left vacant, the second phase of the recruitment will last until 10th August 2016.

Si estàs interessat/ada en participar i vols més informació, contacta a abans de 27 de juliol.