Participa al seminari “Youth Tools For Our Common Diversities” a Diyarbakir

Participa al seminari “Youth Tools For Our Common Diversities” a Diyarbakir
El training tindrà lloc del 2 al 10 de novembre al Kurdistan turc, i té per objectiu compartir eines d'educació no formal a través de l'intercanvi cultural entre joves de diferents països. 
* Per participar als seminaris internacionals cal ser soci/a de l'SCI. En cas que no ho siguis, pots donar-te d'alta molt fàcilment aquí.

“Youth Tools For Our Common Diversities

Training course on tools and methods within local youth workshops and European youth exchanges in order to prevent radicalisation of young people and use cultural diversity and a positive tool of non-formal education

2-10st November, 2017, Diyarbakir, Turkey

The overall aim of the training course is to train youth workers, youth leaders to be capable for preparing, implementing, and evaluating workshops on cultural diversity in local level and within youth exchanges as part of preventing radicalisation of young people.  To raise awareness on cultural diversity and to develop competences for using cultural diversity as a positive and powerful tool within local and European youth work. To understand and develop different ways of active participation of young people within cultural diversity projects.

Who can participate in the training course? :
–  Being older than 18 years old and there is no upper age limit;
– Youth workers, directly working with young people, having experience of organising at least one youth exchange project;
– Youth leaders, having experience of organising (not just participating) at least one local and international youth project;
– Motivated to integrated human rights education in daily youth work mainly emphasis on cultural diversity and preventing radicalisation of young people;
– Have organizational support for further activities with young people;
We plan to run at least 5–10 workshops per partner organization as multipliers on behalf of partner organizations in the next 12 months after the training course.
– Be able to communicate in English.

Partner Countries:  Norway, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Latvia, Portugal and Turkey. (3 participants from each country)

Travel Expenses: We have budget according to Erasmus + distance calculator rules. Maximum travel cost for one participant from

Hungary and Italy: 360 €
Spain and Norway: 530 €
Portugal: 820 €

Travel expenses will be paid according to your travel documents/bills but cannot be paid more than maximum travel costs.

Visa Expenses: Because of Portuguese and Spanish people need visa for Turkey, we have visa expenses in the budget and we have maximum 25 € for each participant.

Si vols més informació i per inscriure't, escriu un correu electrònic a amb el teu CV i una carta de motivació en anglès.