Participa en un seminari internacional sobre antifeixisme a Polònia

Participa en un seminari internacional sobre antifeixisme a Polònia

Participa en un seminari internacional sobre antifeixisme a Poznan, Polònia, del 25 de juny al 4 de juliol! Inscriu-t’hi ara!

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte

Description:  The Remembrance Week in Poland is part of a wider list of activities within the frame of the European Project “Chapter: Challenging Propaganda Through Remembrance”.The project gathers 25 representatives of organizations from 9 countries – Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Catalunya and Bulgaria. Since 2014 Europe is facing the worst humanitarian crisis of refugees. Since World War II (WWII), the majority of them fleeing from Syria and Libya, while the economic crisis has been causing cuts to social inclusion, education and healthcare programs. An in-depth analysis shows that current propaganda roots in methodologies and tools developed under totalitarian regimes.

Type of Work: Participants, supported and guided by the Remembrance Messengers, will implement different activities aimed at going in depth into the following key words/topics: Remembrance, Propaganda and media, Nationalism, Hatred of the enemy, Grassroots media, Pacifism, Counter narratives.

A Set of Infographics will be created on the basis of the research participants will realize during the activity, focused on the following specific topics: History, Hate crimes, Fear, Propaganda, Gender, Freedom of speech, Nationalism, Normalization, Social Frustration.

Study Theme: The study part will be focused on propaganda during the WWI and WWII, History and hate crimes, connecting the features characterizing the public discourse during the 2 wars to the ones present in the current political speeches in each country involved in the project. This will be done by comparing the results of researches implemented by each participant before getting to the Remembrance Week and by a series of other activities like: visits to Resistance museums, archives, significant historical places, meetings with experts, discussions among participants.

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