Peaceweek, 20.09.2017

Peaceweek, 20.09.2017
It all starts with…
Ten volunteers and one coordinator in Barcelona which is having a lively atmosphere due to the upcoming referendum and the national fiesta la Mercè.…

The first day of the Peaceweek was dedicated to getting to know one another and the scope and the schedule of the work camp. After getting to know one another, we discussed our motivations and expectations from this workcamp and learned about the Entre [terres].

First things first! Everybody should have a notebook to take notes during the Peaceweek and take it back home as a souvenir. Each participant made herself a notebook and traveled back in time to the kindergarden days:)

We got carried away and made a little mess with in the hall but don't worry we cleaned after us!

As this was the fist day it was quite light. When we returned to Ca L'Elna (our accommodation) we talked about logistics and formed cleaning and cooking teams. Each day there will be a team in charge of the cooking. This means international food every day!