SCI Catalunya stands with Palestine!

SCI Catalunya stands with Palestine!

SCI Catalunya Statement regarding the violence by the State of Israel against the Palestinian population during the Great March of Return that started on the 30th of March.

Since the beginning of the Great March of Return, Israel military has killed more than 100 Palestinians, 50 of them only on the 14th of May, and has injured more than 5,000. This is not just a negligence of international law but also part of the apartheid that Palestinians are living. This has been another massacre by the State of Israel without international consequences. This has been another attack to the already sieged Gaza population.Taking into account the strong and long relation of SCI Catalunya to the SCI partners in Palestine 1948 and West Bank, we want to show once again our full support to them and to all palestinians suffering from the Israel occupation. We will not rest in silence after one of the greatest atrocities against humanity that the State of Israel has ever committed in Gaza. Moreover, we also need to denounce the complicity of USA and Europe with the State of Israel by supporting them in their continuous repressive policies against palestinians.

We want to send to all our partners and the Palestinian population a strong message of solidarity to give them the international support they deserve. We believe it is more important than ever to explicitly stand by their side.

As SCI Catalunya, we condemn the violations of human rights and the use of state violence by the State of Israel against all people who in a nonviolent way everyday denounce the injustice that is happening in Palestine. 70 years of Nakba are enough!

We want to recall a recommendation that was accepted by the SCI International Committee Meeting some years ago to promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (known as BDS Campaign) as a tool and to actively promote the nonviolent strategy in order to denounce the complicity of many individuals, companies, institutions and governments with the discriminatory and occupation policies and practices of the State of Israel. The Palestinian population calls upon the International Community to expose and condemn their critical situation and it is in our hands to take on this responsibility and to denounce publicly the atrocities that are being committed everyday by the Israel occupation.

Gaza resist! SCI Catalunya stands with you!