SCI Internacional busca dissenyadores!

SCI Internacional busca dissenyadores!

SCI Internacional busca dissenyadores per fer un manual de gènere orientat a coordinadors de camps a l’Àfrica

To support gender mainstreaming in projects and community action, Service Civil International (SCI) is working on a handbook for coordinators of SCI volunteering activities in Africa, that would provide insight into the topic and practical tips on how to address the topic in activities. The development of this handbook is a part of SCI’ s project Step to the future: empowering youth leaders to tackle gender inequalities that has been supported by the UNESCO’s Participation Programme.

The handbook will build upon existing gender publications Free to be you and me and Time to face gendered realities. They estimate that the content would have about 30-40 pages of text, size A5. The process of creation will be divided in 2 parts, first at the end of December – first half of January, and the second one in February.

They are looking for an illustrator/designer who will help them with the visual aspect of the handbook, which will be printed in a black and white version. This would include creating illustrations for the handbook, arranging the layout of the text, and preparing a final document for the printer.

They’re looking for a person who:

  • Has experience illustrating publications.
  • Is able to communicate with the project’s team in English, is flexible and open for feedback.
  • Has time to work on this project at the end of December/first half of January and do a follow up in February 2022.
  • (Ideally) has some familiarity with the topic of gender, peace, and/or with the work and values of SCI.

What they can offer

  • Service contract and payment for services (based on an invoice), for an amount to be agreed (max. 550 USD) and paid via a bank transfer (unless agreed otherwise).
  • The opportunity to be involved in the creation of a resource that will support young people making SCI activities safe and inclusive for people of all genders.
  • High visibility of your work within the SCI movement and for youth and volunteer organisations beyond SCI.

How to apply

If you are interested in using your design/illustration skills to support this project, please send a sample of your work, a quote (what you would normally expect to be paid for such work) to Alena at by 20th December 2021.