Seminari a Palestina per a periodistes de mitjans alternatius!

Seminari a Palestina per a periodistes de mitjans alternatius!

From the 18th till the 28th of May will take place one the last and big activities in the frame of the project: a Seminar on Alternative Media where 30 international alternative journalists (radio, paper and media) and 10 Palestinian journalists will have the chance to meet, share and discuss about the best practices of alternative information and how to strenghten the network in the Mediterranean area, starting from the Palestinian conflict as emblema of the lack or misuse of information circulation.
SCI Italy is carring on a project called Beyond Walls in West Bank and Israel since 2013. We are in partnership with the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC), Amisnet and ActiveVision, respectively a Palestinian, an Italian and an Israeli association. The next step in this project will be this Seminar on Alternative Media.

We are looking for participants from the North shore of Mediterranean willing to attend the Seminar:

  • 3 participants from Spain
  • 2 participants from Serbia
  • 1 or 2 participants from Greece

Profile of Participants:

  • we are looking for alternative professional or amateur journalists (radio, paper or media)
  • possibly it has to be the first experience in the West Bank
  • shown interest toward the Palestinian contest and toward the Mediterranean area
  • capacity of advocacy in the home country


  • Good level of English

Programme of the Seminar:

18th of May: Welcoming and registration
19th -22nd of May: Acknowledgment tour thoughout the West Bank
23rd -25th of May: Roundtables, workshops and experience sharing among the different realities of Mediterranenan Countries
26th: Open Conference
27th: Closure of the 10 days Seminar


The participation to the Seminar foreseen a contribution fee of 350 euro per person. The travel, board and logging costs are covered by the project.


The candidates must send their CV and motivation letter within the 11th of February to the following email: